How to Clip Coupons Quickly

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Here it is guys, for all of you who have been begging to find out how I clip my coupons! Watch, comment and subscribe, we will have many more videos popping up in the near future from the basics of couponing, to stockpiling, organizing, cooking instruction and much more.

Oh, and before I start getting comments asking where to get the scissors,
email my Creative Memories Rep (and friend) Connie at

The scissors are $5 a pair, but well worth it, I have 3 pairs. The shipping is the tricky part, you will want to email her to see what kind of deal she will give you. I swear by these things and won’t clip my coupons (or scrapbook) without them! PS…they make great gifts for friends who are getting into couponing as well (not too expensive and invaluable in my opinion!)


lovinWonder says:

This is great. Totally helpful! The only tips I could think of would be, handle them as few times as possible…so check if they have coupons on the pages and stack them while you combine the inserts instead of making it three separate steps. Also, if you stagger them as you stack them, landscape – portrait – landscape – portrait, etc. that will virtually eliminate the risk of grabbing an extra page for clipping, & you can just grab & go instead of making sure you have all/only the pages.

Jamielowebaker says:

wow, you make that look like so much fun!

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