How to coupon at Walmart and Price Matching

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Close Using coupons at Walmart.


Delighted Mommy says:

I have been using coupons for about a month now and have been saving so much money. My biggest pet peeve are extreme couponers that steal coupons from newspapers instead of buying them and clear the shelves. There’s always the few that ruin it for everyone.

gospeldva says:

Do they double coupons at Walmart?

Dixie Boothe says:

I thought they are not price matching anymore

Salobrena Smith says:

If you are a person that is organized and cares, this is fantastic

Michelle mudd says:

this makes me so sad 😭 I just started couponing/price matching a few weeks ago and found out yesterday that Walmart will no longer be price matching 😦. that aspect made me feel super confident in saving more money in addition to clipping coupons.

Mathgasm says:

HEB on average is 10% cheaper than Walmart.

Crystal Knight says:

You make it look so easy but I've been at it for months HELP ME!!!!

Diamond Cotton says:

Best video yet thank you

Rebecca Vitale says:

do u think its ok to grab 2 or 3 of the peely coupons like if u know u will use it

Rebecca Vitale says:

the lady at the gold peak sample stand was STARING at u lik were a tota werdo

Jason Martinez says:

If you are getting these items on any item for free, you are literally stealing if you used a fake coupon, unless they're real

Jason Martinez says:

$2 off on a $1.18 item? You're literally stealing it, and you may have used a counterfeit coupon

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