How To Create Discount Code In Shopify

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In This Video You Will Learn How To Add Discount Code In Shopify ‏‏‎ ‎

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yea not working for me

Mohammad Rimon says:

Very helpful video

Mohammed Zamar says:

Ok after publishing the coupon code, who will to customer redeem their code ? Should we make a button in shop now page ? Or will the option automatically appear asking for discount code ? Please help me out

Osadolor Thompson says:

Hello , Please i have question, haven't set your coupon code who pays the discount % , does it mean when setting pricing things like discount % should taken into consideration ?

German Lily says:


Silvers Lifestyle Vlog says:

How do i get the Discount code to apply to the entire order because shopify has since changed it after yoiur video was uploaded so it applies to everything instead thanks 🙂

2sure says:

Does it also tell how many times has been used ??

Calbar Media says:

Great video. Hope you can help. I set up the discount code app and created a coupon. Code is active but when I apply the code in discount code box on checkout page it doesn't apply the discount. What else do I have to configure if anything so it applies? Thank you

samim qasimi says:

thanks a million i needed the last part

Lefor Joseph says:

Thank you. This is very helpful

andrea says:

hi mate let me ask you as you are more experienced i am a supplier and i want to give my resellers promo code for them to their customer so when a particular promo code is used by the end user (my reseller customers) retailer who owns the code you should be notified so I pay it and the customer gets a discount do you know if there are any Shopify apps that allow it? thanks in advance for your attention

Sasha Carr says:

I did just that but still not working


it sounds like you have Latvian accent

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