How To Extreme Coupon at Walmart

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Watch Joanie and Heather from and learn how to coupon at Walmart.
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Russel Zwirz says:

Where on the website is the coupon policy That you talk about in the video I can't seem to find it?

Sharlene Lopez says:

hello i went to walmart and had an 3.00 off on bic shavors the bic shavors where 2.97 each i had 4 coupons and went to the register from what i understood this should had been a money maker instead i was charged 75 cents what did i do wrong?

Dylan Coletrain says:

y'all do one where you make out.

Sleeze Bot says:

What is coupon fraud

Akeila Watson says:

Where do they get coupons from?

Claudine H. says:

Hey they appear to be walking away from the bagged items. Don't they want their stuff? 😳

Lydia Gutierrez says:

Where do get the cupons for veggies

kevin oneill says:

The blonde (heather) is hot and looks great in those jeans.

TheShokwav says:

Are retail stores websites where you go for manufacturer coupons?

Donald Trump says:

May I have some of your carrots?

exdevildog says:

HA watch her, she scanned one of the coupons twice – only handed 4 coupons and scanned one of em twice.

Princess Nugget says:


Hey it's Draya says:


Krissi Huey says:

I like it

chelly chellz says:

what site do I get my coupons?

Freedom Writer says:

how do you get produce coupons?

Freedom Writer says:

crazy coupon ladies! so is Walmart the best place to buy produce?

Freedom Writer says:

would Walmart accept dollar store, dollar general, family tree, $1 prices?

Bored says:

Does Walmart just allow you to videotape there? I'm surprised you two didn't get kicked out.

Katarina Quillin says:

can someone please explain how people get like 20 bottles of product but some coupons state things like limit one coupon per transaction / and max of 2 identical Coupons or no more than 2 identical can be used for the same product per household per day

laurel jade says:

the cashiers must really love you.

Lesa Buckley says:

I have never had an issue with coupon carriers, however, I do have a HUGE problem with chronic shoppers that shop the very last hours of sales usually Saturday nights, they come into the store knowing full well that you will be out of a sale item, then they ask for rain checks!!! It's their motive because, most ask for a rain check before you've even had time to have someone check in the stockroom for the item..We have gotten to the point that we will tell them we have some in the stock-room and how many would they like, (never do they want as many as they wanted on the Rain Check lol) many times they change their minds altogether, they never had any intention of purchasing the item on this night, they just wanted to get the rain-checks so they have rock bottom prices and a sale on the item endlessly! Probably when they have more money because, often they already have hit 20 stores or more looking specifically to get rain checks; and purchased as much of the sale items with their coupons that they can afford that week……

Daniel Robert Levsen says:

there is a video on YouTube talking about someone having problems with using coupons and the lady had a print off of the coupon policy and the Store Manager I think or someone just up and took it from her and told the person that they are not suppose to have it…

Tiffany King says:

Coupon fraud is actually a thing, lol!?! I would think the register would either take the coupon or not take the coupon.

Taylor Cole says:

one of the most key aspects of fitness is to be able to eat healthy and maintain a nutrient dense diet. With couponing, the average joe feeding a family can maintain their lifestyle and still eat the foods they need to stay fit. Every struggling bodybuilder/powerlifter/athlete should coupon.

Dee G says:

can you add match and use coupons at Wal-Mart?

Maryland Man says:

These people are one of the reasons I quit working in retail. I hope cupons go the way of the rotary phone.

Carlos lee says:

I shop at Fry's or WinCo

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