How to For Real Extreme Coupon! Clipping, Couponing, Saving Money!!!

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Learn How to For Real Extreme Coupon! Clipping, Couponing, Stockpiling and Saving Money!!!

Learn how to clip coupons, stockpile and get a lot while spending a little!
Best Source for Coupons:
P & G (proctor & gamble)
Catalina Coupons


SpoiledCurlyGurl says:

Do you ever use printed coupons from places like I printed out TONS of them, most are duplicates. I have multiple computers so it's pretty easy to get past their limit. I'm just curious if you get them and maybe combine with store coupons or those from your Sunday papers?

Molly Freehill says:

I think I finally understand couponing now!

mary isabell says:

I have been a couponer for a few years . I am at the point that I am brand loyal – for the most part .
I also buy mega or huge rolls of paper products of the best top brands . I don't need to bother with anything else , because I have achieved ( been blessed ) to this level .
I hear you about the spaghetti sauces because you 'can' really dress them up with spices and it will be so yummy .
It is FANTASTIC to never run out of products . The money being SAVED is huge . I will never stop couponing .
You are the BEST teacher I have heard so far ! Sending you many HUGS โค๏ธ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ‘

Elizabeth Muncy says:

Been couponing for a little while and I think this video is so helpful!! If someone wants to learn how to save they need to watch this video!!! Love it ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’ฐ๐Ÿ’ฒ

Rosa Mojica says:

Omg!! Thank you the best I've seen so far, I am learning but its kind of confusing. Are you in Florida I would like to meet you and follow you.

Jaynisa San says:

Thanks alot for the tutorial.

Ashleii Jal says:


H M says:

Such a great video, REALLY helpful. Thank you!

Deitra Reynolds-Powell says:

can you use coupons at any store?

Taylor b says:

Thank you so much!!
very helpful!:)

RebeccaV 04 says:

I stock up on things to make a large donation to a charity! This is the most generous way to give back without spending the extra money!

RebeccaV 04 says:

I stock up on things to make a large donation to a charity! This is the most generous way to give back without spending the extra money!

Deisy Sanchez says:

I love love this video so much very helpful only reason I haven't started to coupon is because it seemed very confusing but you made it very easy for me ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ I also have a family of 5 so very helpful video โค๏ธ Thank you !

Gilberyonce says:

Nice video, now I feel ready to coupon ๐Ÿ™‚

Shonna Saved WHAT! Scott says:

do you have any more couponing videos

Jotique Harlee says:

Are you going to do more couponing videos at CVS Walgreens and Wal-Mart. These are the stores I shop at and food lion. I don't have a car so going to the store that double coupons are out the question for me until I am able to get a car. Thank you in advance

Donna Smalley says:

wow sweetie i just watched this video and absolutely love it. u make it seem so easy which n most cases it is extremely easy to coupon now im gonna go back through all of ur videos and kinda watch them all b cuz im still new to couponing and want to know everything there is to know.. and the right way to do it as well was watching sum others and they was doing things wrong and that's not me.. so i dropped them..tyvm luv 4 ur help

Alayna Glore says:

I've probably watched 100 videos about couponing and this is the best ever. Please make more.

jennifer tucker says:

I have a daughter who just turn one on the 14th of this year. She still in diapers and need baby wipe all the time is there a way to save on them. If so I would love to learn to save money when I can't work due to my health right now. If you could please help and teach me I would be so very appreciative and thankful. So could you please help me with this? On many of my house hold things.

Lee Soon says:

I know this is an old video but I just happened to stumble upon this video today. I have always wanted to coupon but find it very intimidating as I've only had bad experiences with cashiers and store employees. Mostly they tell me they can't override anything or say they refused to take the coupon all together. I always made sure to use valid accurate coupons and be as polite as possible but still no luck. My question to you is what to do if an item is on sale and you want to use a coupon with it what do you did if the store refuses to use it? Thank you kindly for making a video like this you make it sound so easy and fun. Be Blessed!

MissStinaMarie says:

Yes!!!!! Another couponer!!! I love it sis!!

Batman X says:

you are awsome mom !

Dulce Avila says:

I just watched your video and i must say it has been the best one ive seen by far and ive watched alot! I hope you will keep posting couponing tips because your very helpful and straightforward it was so helpful for those trying to learn๐Ÿ˜Š

Angelica IAMSAVED says:

So you can't use more than 1 manufacturer coupon per item but you show you have 4 of each, so do you go to the store and make 4 separate purchases of the same item to be able to use the 4 manufacturer coupons you have?

Stephanie Salinas says:

You video is the best video I have seen about couponing. I have been trying to coupon for two years stopping because it was too much. This helped so much! I watched your video a month ago and I feel like a new person lol Thank you!!

Lucy N says:

By the way, you can send the coupons to troops stationed on bases overseas! They can use them on the base grocery store for up to 6 months past the coupon 's expiration. A great way to help them, and lets any coupons you would have just thrown away have another life!

Dominic Mancuso says:

Girl! You Rock! I am convinced and committed!

Norma Vasquez says:

Just watched your video . Enjoyed it !! Learned some new things . Looking forward to more videos . Thank รผ for sharing . Just started couponing a few months ago .

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