How to get 24 bottles of Laundry Detergent for $12 w/ coupons

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This is how this extreme couponing works. I bought 24 bottles of laundry soap that retail at $5.99 each for under $12.


Jeanette Romero says:

Thanks so much appreciated greate tunes agree

Nana Loves says:

I got distracted by the bad as song you used.

Travis Tallant says:

I do work and for more than minimum wage. But if I can find ways to cut costs to be able to save money in the crappy economy we live in today, then I will do it. Maybe that way there will be more for me to leave behind for my children one day.

oobertuberdude says:

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SkittleT says:

So I should do a money maker deal first, then save my ecbs, then use a coupon for a item that was on sale by holding a raincheck, then use my ecbs from that money maker??!!! 😀

OmazingE30 says:

hard to pay attention with this annoying song!

dodgyhingst says:

Now if you claimed the donations of laundry soap on your taxes…..hat off to you, if not, you're playing on the junior varsity team. Shame on you.

Stick it to the corporate blue devils.

Ashley Barrier says:

when will laundry soad every be 1.29>? not realistic i thnk that whole shw is fake and i collect coupons and i never see theses so remarkable coupons or deals!!

ThePandalanda says:

32skytrader lol – you are a lunatic. He didn't do ANYTHING wrong. He followed coupon protocol and he got a great deal out of it.

Travis Tallant says:

@32Skytrader if you want to report me for following their coupon policy, go ahead what are they going to do?

32Skytrader says:

I have forwarded this video to authorities you will be arrested. Nobody scams drugstores and gets away buddy! Nobody

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