How to get 50$ total worth of Banggood coupons guide

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1. go to
2. Login to your account or register a new one.
3. Go to
4. Go to your account
5. My coupons
6. Select your desired coupon and use it when you check out your order.

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Daisy says:

It is only the money of when you spend like, $200

Mantaj Singh 100 says:

please reply fast
if I have 50$ coupon and order 4$ thing then the item will free?

Captain Random says:

i like and appreciate that you did this for us, but i think that people should buy things without cheating a website out of money.

Universal Video says:

tnx a lot leg ur video it worked plz keep on bringing this type of real videos

GolHon Minecraft & More !! says:

can i sell coupons????

Bryant Andon says:

please I copied the code but it says invalid code

deactivating says:

I didn't get the code after 7 days!! I even tried to contact banggood

Megh Patel says:

that's amazing
thanx 4 this video

judeds says:

how many times can i do it

Ashley. Vlogs says:

did they make you pay taxes for the item??

nir barzilay says:

great… thank you

Eyal Kropnick says:

גל- ההסבר בסירטון מהיר מדי וקשה להבנה. קשה לעקוב אחרי הפעולות שלך

6-8-14 Life says:

I need some points

ATG_TEAM says:

Did you get what you've bought ????????

pe ra says:

what if a phone costs 20 usd and i have a cupon for 20 usd, do i get the phone for free?

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