How To Get A Free Lowes 10% Off Coupon – Email Delivery

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This is a video of how to procure an email coupon good at any Lowe’s home improvement store. The coupon is delivered to your email inbox and is good for 10% off any purchase.


Hai Tran says: for all Lowe's coupons need,

Vanessa Nora says:

Send me a message and I'll give you a 10% off Lowes or $15 off $50 or $20 off $100

Ronald Diggerness says:

Lots of Lowes coupons here, Valid, Working, New!!!

Jim Hastings says:

this method does not work. google superfastservice you will find a better place.

thetruth says:

what do u put for move in date and age of house?

Garrigus Real Estate says:

I give these away for Free! Its a Realtor benefit and I share them to get Google love and traffic! Come find my Lowes video on my channel and get your free coupon good for any purchase up to $10,000!

Reverend Flash says:

Yeah, it wouldn't let me get it without the moving date and moving destination which you didn't cover at all. I think this video might be a FAIL.

Reverend Flash says:

You failed to fill out a required field (or even mention it). Explain?

The Final Prophecies says:

They're tracking your IP. Suck!

Sonny Lee says:

The reason they want the other info. address, phone etc. they sell that info. to Collection Agencies othe companies for a hefty profit

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