how to get a free sub from subway 2017—-this is not (clickbait)

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Drew Gandy says:

Does it work if I get sprite?

C koby says:

Omg it is a fricking sms text for the standard free six inch purchase of 30 oz. Drink. I'm a manager and know all the sms ones so we don't get scammed.

ya00007 says:

How do I get this in the uk?

Jonathan T says:

I just got a great SUBWAY offer, join their text club now 2 get ur FREE 6" w/30oz drink purchase! Click link:

Memphis Man says:

Rick, this sounds almost too good to be true. Are you sure it's not clickbait?

Maybe you could post the receipt too, just to prove it.

Bo Jack says:

Dearborn, huh?
Just order a sub, eat half of it, then go back and say you ordered it Halal and were given a non-Halal sandwich.
Cause a ruckus and they'll probably cave and just give you your money back.

JarOfRats says:

Didn't quite get the gist of this… how much does it cost?

Matt Badish says:

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