How to Get Free Baby Formula for Your Reborn Baby Dolls

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Here is exactly what we did and we received the formula. It did NOT cost us anything.

At, along the top of the home page right next to “log in”, you will see “sign up”. Click on that and the next page there is a registration page to create a membership to “Similar Strong Moms”.

My grandma filled out the registration form and created an account. It is free to create an account. We started getting coupons in the mail for $1 and $2 off cans of formula and after a few months, the formula was mailed to us. It didn’t cost us anything. We still are getting discount coupons from them so if we wanted to buy formula, we could use the coupons and get a little discount.

At, next to “Sign In” there is “Register”. Click on Register and the next page will ask you to sign up for Enfamil Family Beginnings. It will ask you for your email address and then on the next page will be the registration page. It will first ask you to Create A Profile so fill everything out on the page. After it is all filled out, you click on the “Register Now” button and you are registered. It does NOT cost anything to create an account.

My grandma created the account and it is free to do that. These companies will not charge you anything to create an account on their websites.

Like SImilac, you will start getting coupons and info about Enfamil and eventually you will get the formula mailed to you. That is what happened to us. We started to get $1 and $2 off coupons and eventually the formula was sent to us. None of this cost us anything.

Registering on both sites is absolutely FREE. Once you are registered, you just need patience for the stuff to get to you.


Michelle Boyle says:

is this girl real

Tira Hunter says:

I went to sample me more

Jay Ram says:

How to do get it reborn baby…i also need one reborn baby

Jay Ram says:

How to do get it reborn baby…i also need one reborn baby

Selena Lee says:

IH my name is Ava and I love your videos XOXOXO love they are so cute if I don't get one that's okay I'll still like your videos ❤❤❤❤❤

girls rock !!! says:

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Rebecca Johnson says:

Sad that there's real babies out here that could use that because parents can't afford it and you're letting your child feed it to a damn doll.

Hailey Ashworth says:

is there any other thing to get free formula but take less time?

Addylovesherreborns❤ says:

How do u sign up

Karen Galvez says:

I feel like this is a waste of formula for reborn baby dolls, there are real moms who need formula for their babies! That's my opinion.

Jordyn Thomas says:

do you have to pay for shipping

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