How To Get FREE Clothes From Shein | How to do free shopping on Shein 2022

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I will be giving you tips and tricks on how to get free clothes on shein without paying and do free shopping on shein in 2022. By the end of the video, you will learn how i got $500 worth of shein clothing for free. Meaning i paid $0 for the clothes i ordered on shein.

You do not want to miss this one.
If you have any questions, Please leave them in the comment section down below and we can talk about it together πŸ™‚
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Intro style inspired by Stephanie Moka’s intro.

This video is not sponsored, all opinions are my own.

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carey janice says:

Gonna try it! I'm trusting you
i’ve been doing it for the past 2 days now and made $10.40 !!! takes time, but it definitely works!! thank you for sharing

Lennys Guajardo says:

Is not working for me it keeps kicking me off, in many surveys it doesn't let me finish after I spend like 10 -15 min kicks me off πŸ˜‘

Laylonie Johnson says:

Why does it disqualify me ?

Micha says:

Hi can someone like find a app that’s for Europe like oos

Anounymous -_- says:


indiaaa says:

I’ve just downloaded this and I was doing it and then it keeps saying the system disqualify me what should I do ?

Lei La says:

New subscriber πŸ’•πŸ₯³

Nada Nada says:

How do I get surveys like it is so slow, I did one they disqualified me 😭

Valerie Hernandez says:

what if you don’t have a PayPal account πŸ™

Shefa Akter says:

What if you don't have a bank account then can you buy free stuff on shein plz reply

Fahmei Tahiri says:

I subscribed

0nlyLaii says:

Sooo u can’t use cashapp??

Just..robbie says:

Could you reply to this telling me how to get into the apps setting on the App Store? Btw I subscribed and liked ❀️

Princess. Sundai says:

I subscribed and btw ur so pretty and smart I love you and your inspiration to me😍

heifer says:

the referral code just gives her more money lmao

Yasmine Chanel says:

Does this work

Carmen Edmonds says:

roses are violets are blue your in the comments to see if its true

Rishi Diaz says:

What's the app when you're not from the u.s.a?

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