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FREE Facebook Coupons $100
Link : or
You can get a working free Facebook credits for free if you start by going to the link in comment. Thanks you !
Here is a bonus for you: watch a live presentation of is this the end of the web as we know it and see why Google is scared to death of the Facebook generation.

The most effective media type is an in post ad. We only create ads that display in a user’s news feed as these have had the best return on our investment, and are the only ad types that work on mobile devices.

So save your money and use the in post ad with a compelling offer.

Facebook is an excellent ad medium because it offers the following:
Huge traffic source – more page views than Google
Low cost per click – average CPC is only .40 compared to $1 or more at Google
Extremely targeted – Facebook knows everything about its users and you can pinpoint ads directly at the most likely prospects
Easy to use – the ad system is simple to setup, maintain and track
Customer Support – Facebook will help you with ads and do it cheerfully. Just try to contact the other online ad networks. Google does not openly provide emails or phone support


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