How To Get FREE Stuff – Request, Complain, Take

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Cameron McKirdy tells you how to acquire free products including food samples by mail for filling out online forms, or complaining to a company’s 1-800 #, or taking stuff from stores. Read more on Please like, comment, share, and subscribe to Survival Bros. Thanks for watching! Good luck preppers.


Jake Hill says:

"Bet you wish you had a little stash of Tabasco sauce that's pretty sly in my opinion" haha that's the funnyist thing I've heard all day

Anne R says:

Most companies do not give coupons on request. They say they cant send them out of you or sign up for their newsletter or see their facebook page. If there is a complaint with the quality of the food, you can get coupons or replacement.

Redbirds1100 says:

Cool Stuff!

MF DOOM says:

I wrote to Ubisoft gaming company and they sent me 2 games for my Ps4 and PC. I wrote to Vans Off The Wall and they sent me a Nintendo x Vans limited edition pin badges set and 4 sticker packs.

Quatelium Where we dream says:

Lowes free stuff. here is how they mess up. when you go to lowes to get a big item you have to do whats called a pick up later. because you cant get it to the register or its locked up. so more often than not you go to register and pay for it as a (pick up later) then bring the recipt back to the untrained new sales associate that was helping you and for them to unlock and or bring it to your car. mean while the didnt have the order freed from the system. and if you arent asked to sign a pickup later ticket it is still due to you in the system. so one could come back the next day and ask for it they are to dumb to know. if they call and ask how is you item that means its still in the system and they are trying to catch a mistake but not let you know they messed up possibly one could just get a refund for what they already have. it is their responsibility to have you sign the ticket not yours you paid with intent no to deprive. so if they offer you a chance take it.


how did u get the lip balm?

BananaBer says:

One day i send a letter to an airport and said that i always go their to travel and then they send me a keychain,smallbag,and scarf This was Awesome

Pulvxrize [XIUM] says:

i got all dezz nuts i can survive on them for a week 8=D

Snowden says:

Guys this was the original Deez nuts

Gulbaz Khan Vlogs says:

Officially the first person to sah DEEZ NUTS

GigaPower says:

is it aguist the law to lie and say i found plastic in my food or somthing like that, i did not do it yet because IDK if i should

Marlyne Bishop says:

Yeah this kinda looks like a bunch o crap lol

usefulskills says:

whahah 0:42 deez nutz! hahahaha

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