How To Locate CVS Manufacturer Coupons on CVS App!

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Juan Cardenas says:

how do you erase them?

Edda Harrison says:

Hi Toni, I know you said that you also had a phone that didn't have the coupons on your app. When I checked my app today (7-15-17) to save my CRTs, all of a sudden I finally had the coupons. I know it showed up sometime this week because it wasn't there last Sunday when I checked my new CRTs for the week. Thought you might want to check your phone that didn't have it .

April Love says:

i tried to use my manufacturer coupons that are loaded to my card but for some reason it didn't come off

Theresa Devine says:

Neither do I……

fabiola dominguez says:

Do yo have the bluetooth on??

Lani Carter says:

I don't have the option either…no coupons for me! Lol

Linda alay says:

me neither😢

Nancy Garcia says:

i dont get them either 🙁

Lori T says:

Good morning Toni . I contacted Customer Care regarding these manufacture coupons. I am yet to see them. I have deleted my app and reinstalled thinking that would help. They informed me it is not a program that is totally rolled out. I guess they're working on any bugs and situations that don't work before they roll it out to everyone! Which I guess is a good idea.

tango2u says:

Toni I forgot her is the instructions they gave me the same thing which Ibotta and Saving Star told me to do maybe it will help some out but I am just not getting it.



> Thank

> you for bringing this to our attention

> and I apologize for

> the inconvenience. On your phone,

> please go to systems

> settings and follow these

> instructions:

> Go to AppsClick on CVS CLICK on

> Clear Data/Clear Cache

> Then:

> Remove appA

> complete restart of your device Toggle

> between WiFi and cellular data

> Update to the latest version of the

> app

> Let us know if the problem persists

> and we can

> investigate the issue further. Again,

> I apologize for the

> inconvenience. Thank you for your

> patience and have a great

> day!

tango2u says:

Thanks for the video Toni. I know how to find the coupons but they are just not showing up on my phone. I called corporate and they told me to delete the app and try again also to clear out the cachet for that app under my system and then re-download it but it still does not work so I won't worry about it. I can however send the manufacture coupons from to my Walgreen's card.

HopelesslyHopeful16 says:

I am so mad! I deleted my app to reinstall it like some people have done, and now I cannot see ANY of my extra care deals at all! Anyone know how to get them back? I tried deleting my card and relinking it but it still isn't showing.

HopelesslyHopeful16 says:

Would anyone who will not be using them be willing to mail me 2 of the CVS online printable Kotex coupons? I tried printing them on two devices and they will not print, yet it still says I have reached my print limit? I have worked out a deal pairing them with manufacurer coupons but I can't do it without the store coupons. 🙁

Norma Vasquez says:

So does cashier have to activate it when we tell her or do they apply like the Walgreens app coupons ?

Sandra Nunez says:

Does any one know if I can use a Catalina from Walgreens at Kroger.
I have a $2.00 coupon for bounty paper towels.

Ashton McCoy says:

i dont have this in my app

Mery Yanes says:

Hi Toni I'm new to couponing and I live in Orlando fl can anyone help me find coupons insert in my are

Johanna Perla says:

by the way mfc are not the same in all accounts, most of them are but not all

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