How to make a price book for grocery shopping, and other helpful tips.

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How to make your own price book for grocery shopping. How to organize your coupons once they are all clipped. How to calculate your coupon savings.

Steps needed to calculate your savings at the grocery store.

Step 1: First look on your receipt either at the top or bottom for the amount you saved today. It will say something like ” Savings today”, ” Saved” . This is your (saved) number.

Step 2: Value:This is what you would have spent, if you did not use any coupons. To get this (value) number, you take what you saved and add it with what you spent. The (value) is the actual or real value of the groceries you purchased that day.

Step 3: Percentage saved (%) To calculate this number, just divide the (saved) amount by the (value) amount. This gives you the percentage you saved on this shopping trip.

Example: Today at Store A, I saved $5.53. I spent $4.04. Add those two numbers together to get the value of what you would have spent if you didn’t use coupons. So my value number is $9.57. Now divide the (saved) amount by the (value) amount to get your %percentage saved. How to put it into your calculator. $5.53 divided by $9.57. You should come up with 57%. I hope this is easily understood. 🙂


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