How to Make Hot Cocoa Packet Envelopes: The Holidays are Coming!

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Greetings! I have made some decorated envelopes for hot cocoa packets or trail mix or mini microwave popcorn or even a small packet of M & M’s to be slipped inside.

These are really great and versatile. You can even use them to give a gift card! I have done up a couple of examples here two for Halloween and two for Christmas and then demonstrated one for Christmas as well.

These are really simple and can be made quickly. They are a great idea for classmates, work mates, church congregations, bridal showers, baby showers or even as an extra special treat for all the neighborhood kids at Halloween!

You will be able to get 2 envelopes out of one 12×12 sheet of cardstock. I used a corner rounder on my outer flap, but you don’t have to do that, I have the tools to do that so I did. I also used the Martha Steward Scoring board which is available at any craft store such as Michael’s, Joanne Fabric, Archivers, Hobby Lobby etc. They run about $20.00 but if you get it at Michael’s, keep an eye out for their 40 or 50% off coupons each week available in their Sunday circular or on their website. Michael’s even has an iphone app that you can access scannable coupons on, right at the register!

Here are the measurements you will need:

Cut paper 11×5 inches.

Score on short side at:

2 inches and 7 inches

Score on long side at:

1/2 inch on each side.

You can decorate these any way you like!

I hope you give these a try and I hope you love them!

Happy Crafting!

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susan duncan says:

These are really cute! I work at a local school in a before and after care and want to do something for the kids. I am going to use these with the hot chocolate and a candy cane. I think the kids will love them.

Simjamble Russell says:

Nice Bath Salts would be nice too. Blessings XXX

Veronica Chambers says:

hi noreen i know this is an older video but still timely. decided to go to your channel and my word woman, you have a new subbie. need to sit down and craft while i watch you cook and create. thanks for taking the time to keep us all better informed.

Angeline Ramsey says:

cute idea!! Thank you for sharing:)

Barbara Osbourne says:

I love these packets so much. I am going to buy pack of seeds and give it to my friends at Easter .. It will fit great !!  thank you

Brenda Hill says:

Thanks so much.  Can you believe I've been searching for days for a more finished and less "homemade" looking pouch to make for using with a "grown up" look.  Thanks so much for these very easy instructions.

cinderzella55 says:

Couldn't get through the whole thing, way too much yapping!!

Jennifer Hranek says:

Love it very much

harleen panesar says:

😀 your so cool

live long says:

you are very helpful butt ohh SHUT UP AND DO THE DANG THANG! no one cares.. soznotsoz

TheDarkBota says:

Help, I Made some Cocoa and i get engaged.

orsie200 says:

Would be darling for Valentine's Day. My birthday is the day after Valentine's Day. Mom said had I been born a day earlier, she would have named me Valentina. Glad I dodged that!

Gwen M. Casteel says:

Noreen…I didn't know you were a Crafter…Love the "Packet Envelopes" already made 25 for my Book Club Christmas Gifts and will fill them with Hot Cho. Packets as well…I'm going to watch all you Video's…Love your Cooking as well…I'm a cook.

Baagock333 says:

you could use Velcro
to make it resealable or add a pocket on the front and put in a little gift card or something 🙂

macey Cornell says:

OMG my husbands mother has a birthday on saint patties day what a great idea

macey Cornell says:

my birthday is Dec 9th and my brother and nephew also is the same day of my brother which is Dec 8th

Sarah Kim says:

Heheh! "Bless you honey!"

gfpiper says:

My Birthday is NOV 26th ASWELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! your the 2nd person ive ever known to share my Bday!!!<3

scrapsandthings1 says:

Great ideas! I think I'd use it for lottery tix or a sachet tfs

Hazel Hammond says:

Another Great Idea I will use for Halloween and Christmas. your so smart!!! bless u Rick!

gingergargoyle says:

Very cute idea – I will have to make some of these for the holidays … But I think I will shy away from the "poison" tag, after all we don't want to panic parents or confuse the kids

WestCoastPrepperRN says:

Another great idea Noreen! Thanks for sharing…BTW, I have to tell you thanks for sharing about the punches at TJMaxx…I cleaned them out the other day – GREAT HAUL!!! Then, a few days later my cousin made an ever bigger haul than me because they had restocked! I also went to Tuesday Mornings and I don't even want to talk about how much great stuff I got there…lets just say I will NOT be making a video about it because if my husband saw it he'd croak over! LOL (((HUGS)))

soldonhim says:

I detest winter and live for our low humidity summers in the Northwest, but this is a great idea. Thanks!

hunyb207 says:

LOVE this idea!! Do you take any requests for videos? I make dog treats for all of the dogs in my family for the holidays (9 dogs total) and I'm always looking for new ideas/recipes. Could you possibly make a "the holidays are coming" video on dog treat gifts? Thank you!!

jenn perry says:

Whoooo hooooo!!!! I love "the holidays are coming" you have the best ideas can't wait for the rest this years segments…..

DeniseLynn says:

what a cute idea! thanks for the video!!!

Shadow of Juniper Hill says:

Those are adorable! You have such a good eye for cute! Thanks for sowing exactly how to do it:)

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