How To Make Money From Your Couch on Rachael Ray Show

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Money-Saving Experts Joanie Demer and Heather Wheeler share five apps that earn you money from home! Scan your receipts with Nielson Homescan and Receipt Pal. Resell clothing on Postmark. Get paid $5 for every phone and tablet in your house with MI Media. And get motivated to get healthy by Gympact!


Michele Lara says:

Smart panel is by invitation only…. buuuu

kevin oneill says:

3 sexy and beautiful ladies

YoYo says:

7:00 so they'll buy you a coffee every month to get tracked?

An Bala says:

GymPact won't allow at home gyms. Love you ladies though. Definitely going to try the other apps.

Janey Stanley says:

i like the shows it sowes me thing i can do or fix

Chispita C says:

what is the name of the app for sell the cloth? and the name of the app for the gym?

Chispita C says:

what is the name of the app for sell the cloth? and the name of the app for the gym?

Ida Adolfsson says:

Is this just for u how live in America or can we/I from Sweden use any of these apps?

Ana GH says:

thank you so much for all your work …..  , information  and education  about how to use cupons , how to earn money and that many wonderful  ways to save much money …… when I foud you  I get crazy  hahaha , because  I'm a mom of double trouble , and   before I was  always working  … now I'm at home and my husband  is the only one  who  bring the money  home , but  now  whit cupons  , those apps  and all yor help I can feel I'm doing something  else  , I don't  know  I'm just got crazy hahha thank you so much

Rose says:

what is the name of the app?
Bcs I can't found it?

Selina Johnson says:

Does MI Media no longer exist? It wont come up in my app store. 🙁

lexi lexi says:

I watched a lot of their videos and I felt like Heather (blond hair) is mean lol but after watching this I think she's just nervous because who would go on tv being a bitch (not calling her one ACTING like one). I like the dark haired lady, she's so funny and she has such a likable personality!

SuperGirl1970 Carver says:

bad for me if everything is going digital, I'm not that techy. It's going to take me two years to get how to even work one app.

SuperGirl1970 Carver says:

the CNP apps didn't work for me

MrsJKuryla says:

What if I wanted to sell baby clothes that don't fit my baby anymore with that app???

Sandy G 323 says:

Rachel Ray, they took the time to find the apps and actively use them, this is not nothing. Thanks ladies for the info!!

brooklyn3292 says:

When I search for MI media it just shows a photo backup site.?  What am I doing wrong?

TheBeautyParadigm says:

Loved the video and tips!

DisneyAfterMyOwnHeart says:

Great video, lots of great apps to try. Thank you! 🙂

Kisha Fletcher says:

Thanks ladies, keep up the great work!👍👍👍

tnjennjenn707 says:

Mine just played on my phone. Y'all look wonderful!

Breanna Moeller says:

Yes the two videos posted won't play on my app or home computer.

lcobos29 says:

This video and the one before won't play!!! 😔😔😔

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