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Where I Now Order Coupons for FREE!

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My name is Jacob and I am in LOVE with couponing. I started couponing when I was 10 years old (you could almost call me a prodigy). Since then I have saved THOUSANDS. Literally THOUSANDS. On this channel I’ll show you how to save 90% on personal and household items, and occasionally some grocery hauls (you should always try to save about 50%). I run a blog currently all by myself where I break down most of the deals I show you here. ( Along with haul videos I do post coupon matchups, quick deals/notifications, vlogs, couponing humor videos, and a little dab of etc. This is a sharing and learning zone so feel free to ask questions and leave comments. I’m here to help because who doesn’t love a teenage boy telling YOU how to shop. No I’m kidding, couponing is hard at first but in the end the little bit of time you put in can save you THOUSANDS of dollars. Just think, if a ten year old boy watching Reality TV can do it, you can too! Thanks for coming to my channel and while you are here you mine as well subscribe. 🙂
-TheNewEnglandCouponCharacter, Jacob

*Affiliate Link- All things purchased are with my own money and all opinions are my own.


tinmanlover1994 says:

Hi Jacob I just ordered clipped coupons from Capris coupons I picked coupons that I wanted and don't expire for a long time. ibotta has a PayPal cash out opinion to.

Heather Bates says:

You explained it well, Jacob. You are a brilliant guy! And from a mom, if anyone has negative to say about you in any way, pay no attention to it. Completely ignore it and turn your attention to something good and worthwhile.

Mz . Twistwe says:

Thanks for sharing. I've been couponing for a while now. I work 12 hours that when I get off the coupons r gone. ; ( I haven't coupon n over a month due to not being able to get coupons. I want to thank you so much for giving me this information so I can start back. I understood what u was saying bout the "free" coupons bcuz your paying with the money you got from saving star while ur couponing. It's just like recycling (you buy what's needed to get the rebates n your able to keep couponing off your rebates). Once again that's for your vlogs and ur hauls.

Shannon Cook says:

I use all my rebate money to put straight into a savings account so that as soon as I have enough, I can make an extra house payment.  Like you, I always consider my rebates a bonus.

RebeWill2 says:

I've experienced that couponers are always willing to share and give helpful advice. I feel blessed to be part of a community of couponers. Thank you. I watch all of your videos.

couponsareawesome says: has coupons for $1/10 regardless of its value

Elizabeth Marroquin says:

very smart kid!!!!

Jackie A says:

you should open a checking account as a student. bank of America has free checking for students (I'm sure there are local banks in your area that do the same 😉)

Jackie A says:

For anyone interested I get bundles every Friday that would come out on Sunday. complete SS,PG,RP inserts as many as 10 each for $5 and priority shipping for $7 to make sure you get them in 2 days if not lower shipping for less

Jeff SavesWithCoupons says:

Great Video! Congrats on 3k subs 🙂

Amanda Buckland says:

yes on ibotta NO on checkout 51

Marianne Hirschberger says:

TFS Jacob! You can have a PayPal account with Ibotta.

Unfit Gaming says:

Thanks for the advice!!!!

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