How to Organize Your Coupons with a Binder!

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Close Learn from Heather Wheeler, The Krazy Coupon Lady how to organize your coupons with a binder. You can organize by date or by category.


Marissa Miranda says:

I like the krazy coupon lady and did you know on her other videos she looked like she was pregnant

kim lall says:

Newbie here, this helps a lot

97acura97 says:

Here I was clipping each insert, omg! It will be so much easier now sorting and then cutting to put by category. Great great great! !

martin27 says:

should one do this

Eat.Sleep.Internet. says:

I have no experience in this whatsoever, but what I've noticed is that organizing by date would probably help if you plan to stockpile and just wanna go the whole 9 yards with couponing. On the other hand, category organizing seems for someone who buys out of necessity or isn't looking for an outragous amount of goods, Correct me if I am wrong, please. 

Itazuke Dee says:

Why are these videos so old three years for this one ..Looking forward to recent videos from the Krazy coupon ladies……….

goode2shuz1 says:

Hi Heather, I am a new subscriber and new to coupons. I don't understand what the advantage would be to file your coupons by date. How would you find a coupon you wanted to use at a particular store if they are filed by date? For example, you find L'Oreal hair color is on sale at the store and you know you also have a $2 off coupon for it in your binder. How do you find that particular coupon if they are all filed by date?

tehtehkitty says:

do you actually take those huge binders with you to the grocery store?

tyedye says:

I can't seem to find the category list on your website that you mentioned. Can you post a direct link please? Thank you! P.S. I don't think organizing by date will work for me, but the category method is all me!

Today at Jen's House says:

So I've switched my binder over to the date method, but I'm curious as to how you know what's in there when you take it with you to the store. All I can figure is to print off a list for RP, SS, PG, etc. each week from the insert schedule and put it at the front of that date. How do you do it?

Also, do you still use some baseball card sheets for your loose cpns?

KawaiiGoddessLia says:

I really want to start couponing, and I have been on your website all day lol. But I am still kinda clueless and also scared that the cashiers are going to give me trouble at the register. Do you guys let the cashiers know that you are going to be using many coupons?

flippensweet24 says:

where did you get that cool calculator! love your vids good information and tips! your one of the ones i love watching most to talk about coupons! thanks!

jffrywad says:

@Ultimatecruegirl I agree. I m lost on BOGO and when items are BOGO at same time.

sunflower430 says:

When you're using the "by date" binder method how do you find which coupons you want to use? Do you literally flip through the whole binder looking for coupons for items on your list? Also, when do you start purging your binder? Since one page can have coupons with a wide range of expiration dates (i.e. coupon A expires 5/31/11 & coupon B expires 7/15/11), how do you weed out old coupons? Do you just want until the last coupon expires & then throw out the page? Thanks for all your help & advise!

cena1051306 says:

ok i new at this and i was wondering what are some tips at getting started

OlympusEighty8 says:

@TheKrazyCouponLady Ooh, yeah! I find those types really helpful.

shinta0013 says:

Did you use coupons to pay for your supplies 😛

pennylane36 says:

@Ultimatecruegirl If u have a riteaid drugstore near you and you have a bogo coupon and they have that same item on sale in theirstore as bogo, take in your coupon and both items are free. Its worded just that way on their coupon policy. But you'r right bogo can be confusing.

amber6675 says:

If you have a comic book store, you can probably get the baseball cards cheaper. I paid $20 for a 100 page pack. 😀

Pinkcupcakeglitter21 says:

I am left handed too!

Melinda Hoover says:

You can also find the baseball card holders at Target in the toy section where the pokemon cards etc. that's where I found mine.

souljagurlsha says:

awesome tips.

Kristen Basore says:

I got a great 5 inch binder for 35 cents from Good Will! It looked brand new!

The Krazy Coupon Lady says:

@chilepeppr4 It's a mix of that. We clip the ones we would buy if the item was FREE or a money maker; even if it's something we just donate.

The Krazy Coupon Lady says:

@Ultimatecruegirl Great idea! I will work on this as well!

The Krazy Coupon Lady says:

@FashionPrincess007 Coming up next! 🙂

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