How to Organize Your Coupons

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This video shows how I organize my coupons and might give you some ideas on how to organize yours.


Sue Marie says:

Wow, my stash is minimal compared to yours. I can see where this is the best way, but I tend to keep them in order of expiry so I know how long I have to use them. By the way, my daughter cringes when I say Q-pon and that's what my mother always called them. Since then, I've been saying Koo-pon. So nice to hear someone else pronouncing it with the Q sound. LOL Thanks for sharing your video!

SnoringcatDreams says:

I use a pocket photo book and keep it in my purse but it is overflowing.

Vince Smith says:

Hey, was wondering if you can post on your coupon findings. Some of us are new and not sure where to look for them.

oreo shayla says:

Also love velcro tab idea!!! Thank u

Lorna F says:

Velcro tabs—-genius idea. The paper clips are a nuisance sometimes. Thanks.

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