How to Plan a Price Matching/Coupon Shop in Canada

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This is a short 4 minute video that shows how I plan my shop to save the most money each time I shop. By utilizing price matching, coupons and cash back apps, I can save quite a lot, many times more than 80% of the original price of the items I’m shopping for. Watch this video and see how I plan out my shops.
How I got $425.53 in groceries for $94.83 at Walmart. I saved 77% on this shopping haul and you can too! Follow along and see how it’s done.
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lil minx says:

Can u only price match with stores in your own town or city? Or can I price match an item in a Toronto store in a kingston store?

Don Pin says:

btw what is peelie

Animetta Animetta says:

This is exactly how I planned my first shopping. I've spent 5 hours planning and tomorrow is gonna be my first shopping with PM and coupons! Thank you so much for everything you do!

flo myster says:

thanks so much for posting these amazing videos! I've been able to make larger (and more frequent) donations to local charities since learning how to coupon!

Lorna F says:

Thanks for the tips!

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