How to print coupons to a wireless printer & Apps that you can use to print the coupons.

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Rezena Enendu says:

happy thanksgiving also.

Rezena Enendu says:

is Acme the only Supermarket that does doubling the coupon or tripling them? Or does ShopRite and Stop & Shop do the same thing? and if they do do you know when that happens? Thank you.

Gabriel Vasquez says:

is it 2 coupons in total? or 2 coupons per day?

Nicole Diva says:

pure genius woman pure genius thank you so much I'm really trying to learn to be an extreme couponer and it's kind of hard in New York City because everything is at the highest and the coupons are the lowest but like you said if you come by and the numbers and you can get some real good stuff thank you again for making this video

cocoprettyhoneybear says:

what's your ig so I can follow

Patti Raithel says:

What kind of printer do you use?

neidy santana says:

i have coupons .com in my devices but says clip and email i dont see print and it is a problem

couponing twins says:

I have an HP. I at first got a different brand and I couldn't print from but haven't had any issues with the HP


What kind of printer do we need

AraSarely G. says:

 I couldn't 🙁  Bummer.

Karen Crook says:

I have an ipad. What do you if you are trying to print a smartsource coupon?

Anjessb B says:

Can you be so kind to explain step by step how to get it to the printer because I keep getting email coupons thank you so much.

ccordless says:

Thank you for the info.

Agnieszka Deadwyler says:

My iPhone 5 and iPad didn't recognize my printer. Wi Fi is on, printer is on too. I tried many, many times for few weeks and is not working.

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