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In this video I share 5 ways for how to save money on groceries. These are tips that I used intensely when we were paying off our debt and working toward financial freedom and now we still implement them to continue to save on groceries. Watch until the end as there is a bonus tip:)

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Nancy Rudloff says:

Great tips as usual. I too have family members that run to the store sometimes more than once a day. I go once a week to get the sale items (with my list of course). The best advice I have is to not shop if you are hungry. That is when I stray from my list and end up with things I shouldn’t be putting in my cart.

James Briggs says:

I am currently trying to use up what is in my pantry. I have been very creative lately especially with bean dishes.
Kathy B.
P.S. I agree with you on buying what you love. I used to feel guilty about buying things like raspberries but then I realized I would spend the money on chocolate so why not.

Nikki Newcomb says:

I love your bonus tip!!

Α. P. says:

Thanks you so much Kim
I had already watched this video and watched it today again while planning my grocery shopping-the advice about checking the sales and then make my recipe list just clicked,finally!So I paused the video,and wrote on paper the sales I m interested in.
I decided to be on a very tight budjet,so this advice is very helpful to me!

anamikaa says:

I think to add to this, I would say learn how to make foods that you like … when you cook it, it is much more tasty than at a restaurant

Deb Beckesh says:

Great video Kimmy!! I do all of these things, which I learned from you in previous videos. You did add the bonus tip, I do that occasionally!! In Florida we have Publix supermarkets and they price match, so often I will bring in the flyer from another store and I get the item for that price. We also shop at Aldi for our healthier items. They have all organic and gluten free products for a very reasonable price. I know you love Trader Joes. The Dollar Stores here also have grocery items. We actually have a Dollar Store grocery store here. Anyways, love thw new look. I miss thw bedroom videos but I understand you have a office now. Look how many views you have!! I am ecstatic for you!! #yaknow Much Love, Deb

Michelle Italy says:

Thank you for the videos! I've been frugal all my life, but I'm always looking for more ideas. I just watched your thrift store video and I loved it. I'd love to see decorating on a budget or thrift store shopping. P.S. I listen to all your videos while getting ready for work and they're just so inspiring.

BoxBees says:

Your grocery shopping tips have made my life so much easier! I only go once a month, maybe twice if I really need something else. I have a family of four and I spend half the amount that my sister whose a family of 2 with a 4 month old

Gia P says:

Yes, I do agree with your bonus tip! Our splurge recently, and it IS a splurge if one thinks frugally, is buying Kombucha, when it goes on sale. Other than occasionally purchasing adult beverages, we are only water and coffee drinkers. We do not buy dairy beverages or juice or soda or any pre-made beverages; so, buying Kombucha has been a stretch. My intention is to start making it at home, but I am not even going to attempt that until my kitchen is settled. We decided to treat ourselves to it at home more regularly, in the interim, as I believe, fermented foods & beverages provide health benefits. I noticed we have rarely dined out; since, we've been buying Kombucha for home. Somehow a happy hour beer or a margarita doesn't appeal to us as much anymore. LOL! Now, that my partner likes Kombucha more than beer, the next 'slight of hand' will finally be preparing it at home for pennies. I saved the bottles from the store-bought stuff–maybe nobody will even notice the difference! Ha!

Gia P says:

I recommend getting on the email lists for grocers and also ALWAYS viewing print ads. Sometimes, there are additional coupons of significant value only made available through either of these advertising methods. For example, one of our grocers just had an $8 off of a $50 purchase (exclusions are usually only things like tobacco or alcohol products), and another one of our farmer market stores recently had a $10 off of a $50 purchase, which was limited to 1 coupon per visit; but, we visited twice and took advantage of the coupon twice. So, we saved $28 more on already sale priced items, during the past 3 weeks alone. Also, for those who are 55+, some grocers & drugstores offer a senior discount day every month or every week that gives 10% off one's total purchase. There's also 10% military discounts as well. AND one of our independently owned grocers offered $100 gift cards during the holidays for only $75!!!!! I'm crossing my fingers that offer will be made this year as well. That will be my holiday gift to myself that keeps on giving! My other tip as far as purchasing in quantity is to re-evaluate the quantity of oil one buys at one time. Oils are best if consumed fresh as they oxidize in heat, light, and air. They do go rancid! It's best to buy only a reasonable amount that can be consumed and replaced within a few months versus a year supply!

Tana Frazier says:

I use an app on my iPhone called Flipp and it has all the weekly circulars for every store. You can add what is on sale to your list by just touching it.

Susan Velez says:

Flier 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽

ludiazhud says:

#yaknow I think you do! LOL Thank you for the videos! I enjoy them very much. Keep up the good work! BTW you're on point.

Tiffany Marie says:

SO good!!! I love these tips a lot!!! You know I'm trying to grocery shop more instead of eating out! 😉 I'm so behind on YouTube! Binge watching all your videos now 😛

franceslouisa says:

i make a list all.the.time! but i still buy stuff that's not on my list all.the.time! 😫

Andy Crisp says:

Great video as always, Kim. Made me think about how I shop. #yaknow x

Clare Arthur says:

Awesome advice! I need to try shopping the flyer more regularly, problem is I'm such a creature of habit I cook mostly the same thing every week! Maybe I need to be a bit more adventurous to save a few $$ 😉 Picking a regular day is so important. I've been really busy so far in June and my grocery day hasn't been consistent and I've been doing quick top-up shops, and I've ended up spending more than I wanted (no surprise there!). I've gotta be super frugal on the groceries until the end of the month, then I think I'm going to try the mega-haul idea in July for staples. I like the idea of not having to fit a full shop in every week! Great video as always 🙂

Marie Morris says:

Great video. Unrelated question, do you wear false eye lashes?👍

Modern Budget Curl says:

Shopping my pantry has helped me so much. I don't know why I was one of those people who stock up. So I have been making a list of my inventory at home and then meal prepping around it. Thank you for sharing the tips.

SKvlogs says:

You look and sound like kandee Johnson!

Carol Nartker says:

I rarely buy name brand products & have saved $$$ by doing so. Have to admit, there are a few name brand fav products I do not stray from, but in general, we've been satisfied with store brand.
The other big $ savers are packing my lunch for work each day & along the same lines, rarely eating out. I love having leftovers for work & being creative with my cooking. Don't always have the time & energy for new "creations" but it's fun when I do!

monikasea says:

im stocking up on seasonal veggies and fruits and freeze

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