How To SAVE MONEY On Groceries Without Coupons

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Too lazy to cut out coupons? Don’t worry, you can still save money on groceries! Here are 5 ways I’ve saved money over the years without using coupons. These methods have saved me THOUSANDS!

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ThePancoon says:

tuuuuuunnaaaaaaaaaaa? D: I didn't know they came that big. lol.

Curtis Mei says:

I'm not sure how it works elsewhere but here in Canada you can also just price match sales so if you find it cheaper somewhere else it saves you the trip.
Also the Flipp App is good if you want to organize sale prices on your smartphone!

Bullet Onion Troopers says:

Eat the whole tuna packet!!!

My Place says:

We save heaps of coin by shopping at the local Markets, fruits, vegetables, fish and meats. Very good savings all round.

αρχαίος θαλασσοπόρος says:

Is there a negative aspect in buying frozen food?

J. Montes says:

alright so when is the protein poptart video gonna drop?

Carreta McGill says:

@ 0:12 when they say "Carla" and your name is Carla lmao!

yoshie8706 says:

Brand whore 😂 and please don't eat that entire pack of tuna

Kay L says:

Taking advantage of the store rewards and app only coupons helps me a lot sometimes. There are also savings apps that just require you to scan your items and receipt for money back on purchases.

Greg Warren says:

What are the macros and number of servings on that tuna!?

Brenda Torres says:

Haha You Are so fun to Watch and I loveeeee your recipes ❤️

deeveeous85 says:

Awesome and super helpful video!!

Nathaniel Perry says:

Dollar Store and Grocery Outlets

Natalie Galasso says:

Fun fact – aldi and Trader Joe's are owned by the same company and were stated by two brothers. Their floor tiles were always imported direct from Germany. Not sure if they are anymore, but used to be.

Natalie Galasso says:

Of course aldi, and Amazon subscribe and save! I get water from Amazon lol 😂 and aldi has really cheap spring water bottles too!

Miko Samuel says:

There is Aldi in the states ?

Ryan Hazlett says:

its funny because i just used a 5lb can of tuna today and now im trying to figure out what to do with the rest

Marion Gentry says:

Great tips thanks for sharing 👍

Fawad Alam says:

Eat that big tuna, big tuna

2muchtv says:

I'm vegan. Everything is cheap because I eat beans. I also shop ethnic grocery stores because produce is cheaper.

Blaar Rosir says:

You continue to be awesome!

Danielle Defeo says:

I love late night shopping and always get meat and produce deals!

Ben Mercer says:

Man these foods are so much more expensive in Canada

Patrick P says:

Buy in Bulk and Don't be a brand whore… Aldi's has some amazing prices but not the top brands. They are my go to to save some serious coin 🙂

tchris3 says:

😄😄that package of tuna…wth…

Grahm Lingor says:

Guys!! Two ad Wednesday is a great way to save money. New ads come out every Wednesday and the one from last week carry over. That's the best time to buy fresh produce

System trend says:

Just slappin the old tuna

Gregory Brown says:

How do you know how much of an item to eat? I know you weigh everything to get accurate numbers for calories and macros but it is hard for me to determine how much of anything is good or bad. I am trying to lose 50 – 60 lbs by years end and I know it starts in the kitchen. I am going to just eat the stuff you make since you have done all the math already! LOL! Thanks for your help

Kyle Frawley says:

I save money by not eating.

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