How to Save Money with Coupons

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Learn from those crazed coupon clippers who’ve figured out how to buy $500 worth of groceries for 50 cents.

Step 1: Search the Sunday papers
Don’t limit yourself to one edition of the Sunday paper. Serious savers carefully go through the coupon inserts in several editions, because different papers carry different coupons. The money you save will more than offset the cost of the papers.

Step 2: Print out coupons
Print coupons from internet sites like “”:http://, “,”:http:// “”:http://, “”:http://, “”:http://, and “”:http://.

Into green living? Check the internet for organic coupon websites like “”:http://.

Step 3: Check brand websites
If you can’t find coupons for your favorite foods, check the brands’ websites; they sometimes offer printable coupons.

Step 4: Get organized
Organize your coupons in an accordion folder by food type — frozen foods, cereal, beverages, etc. — and arrange them by expiration date.

Step 5: Know supermarket policy
Check your local supermarkets to determine which has the most generous coupon policy. Some won’t accept coupons printed off the internet; others never offer “double coupons,” or days when coupons count twice their value. Ask if you can “stack” coupons, or use both a manufacturer’s coupon and a store coupon on the same item.

Some stores have a little-known policy of giving you an item free if the advertised price doesn’t match the price at the register, so keep your eyes peeled!

Step 6: Scrutinize your store circular
Scrutinize your weekly store circular for sale items — especially those for which you have coupons. See if you can plan menus around discounted foods.

Grocery items go on sale in rotation, usually every 12 weeks, and are often on sale in several stores.

Step 7: Get extra coupons
Get extra coupons for the items you buy all the time simply by writing to the manufacturer and asking for them (it helps to praise the product first!).

Step 8: Set up a coupon swap
Organize a coupon swap with friends and neighbors, so they can take advantage of coupons you don’t use and vice versa.

Did You Know?
People who use coupons and supermarket loyalty cards save an average of $678 a year, according to a survey.


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Guru of Random says:

How bout if we make our own coupons.

Goran Spasojevic says:

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Clip Gurus says:

Coupons are definitely a great way to save on a day to day base. Some discounts might seem low, but ad it up in the end of each month and you'll see that you managed to save fair share of your household budget! nice video, thanks!

Landon Kern says:


Karen MSEnthusiast says:

I find that it works well for the detail oriented. Great ideas though. I've always saved money by planning meals around sale items.

Spartan0190 says:

Its fun to go through these videos to see the comments

KB Bunu says:

i got tired of the word coupon

Dahlia Grabowski says:

In a family of.8 with coupons and a card we save over one hundred dollars

Judy G says:

Learn coupons tricks and secrets that they never show! There are a lot of other money saving things extreme couponers do that they never show!

richard21solava says:

Wow…… Really there are some cheap ass ppl out there man -__-

Alex Moos says:

coupons, coupons, coupons, coupons, coupons… TO MANY COUPONS!!!

Gee says:

step one: stop being so damn cheap, and buy the fucking food.

idunnoproductionzz says:

step one: use them

26alexther says:

Any body wants to swap coupons?

tatertasers says:

step 1: get coupons
step 2: use coupons
step 3: your done

wareamino12 says:

Next video: how to watch a youtube video

popstarprincess123 says:

@Drewsdays im getting there i havent used coupons yet but ive got tons of websites for coupons and promo codes

Huh says:

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stefoo123 says:

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stefoo123 says:

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MissAimee85 says:

Did anyone else notice that the letter to the manufacturer was dated sep. 3, 1968?

No says:

1st. There is still a chance l can lose all those coupons.
2nd. Some coupons expire quickly.
3rd. My sunday newspaper doesn't have any coupons.
4th. Who has that kinda patience.

Helen Mendler says:

Coupon shopping should be serious business to more people than it is in this economy.

beastmasion says:

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isaiah_and_evan says:

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