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Here’s some information on a topic that’s near and dear to my heart; how to save on organic food. It’s expensive. It’s expensive to try to eat healthy. It’s expensive to try to have your family eat healthy. But there are some options and some ways to save here.

First off, most simply, oftentimes there are coupons for organic packaged goods, be it cereal or that sort of thing. And it’s just keeping an eye out on those, going to those coupon
aggregator websites and looking for those, saving them, using them.

But there are some other options as well. If you’re buying in store, oftentimes you’re going to save more by going to a local market versus more of a big box guy. And I know that’s surprising but the farmer’s markets that you go to locally or even some of the smaller, local chains, oftentimes are buying locally organic produced products that the big guys can’t get. You’re going to get those for a more reasonable price.

You can also order online. There’s a lot of delivery services that actually deliver organic produce to your door on a weekly basis. But the important thing there is to be able to be flexible because ultimately what they’re going to deliver to you is what’s in season. So it might mean a few winter months of acorn squash soup and it might mean some summer meals with eggplant Parmesan. You’re going to get a lot of what’s in season and if you can be flexible and plan your menus
around that, then you’re going to able to feed your family this wonderful organic produce at really cost effective prices.


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