How to Save on School Supplies

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It may seem impossible, but you can fill your child’s backpack without going broke!

Step 1:
Stick to your school’s list of required supplies. Contact the school if you haven’t received one.

Step 2:
Ask your child’s school if they know of any community programs that are distributing free school supplies. Or check for them online.

Step 3:
Start at the dollar store, where you can almost always find pens, pencils, notebooks, and other items.

Step 4:
Scour weekly store sale advertisements so you can snap up items you need that fall into their “loss-leader” category โ€“ items they sell at a loss each week to lure you into the store.

Step 5:
Check the web sites of big discount stores before you head out the door; they often have downloadable coupons and deals you can only get online.

Join forces with other parents so you can buy school supplies in bulk and split them.

Step 6:
Talk to your school principal about the school joining the National Association for the Exchange of Industrial Resources or a similar organization, which collects overstock donations from businesses and redistributes them to nonprofit organizations, like schools.

Did You Know?
The average American family with school-age children spends $594.24 on back-to-school purchases.


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Itozaki Tv says:

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ronnie og says:

going to the dollat store and walmart got me thru being a broke college student. also, reuse your past school supplies! you do not need another pencil case unless its broken

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