How to save the most money at Target using coupons

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I love saving money. And I LOOOOOVE Target. Why not combine the two? Here I will show you how I save a lot shopping at Target.

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Cathy Holcomb says:

Thank you!!!!! You just sold me on Target with all their great saving ideas

Jacqueline Renea says:

Please clear something up for me so if I have 11 badges (deals) on my cartwheel app when I go shopping that I want to use, when the cashier scan my phone only 6 of the deals will be use towards my purchase and not all 11 that I have selected? Please gve me an answer because I didn't know that I thought all 11 deals were being use.

yllek82 says:

I also love that when I'm waiting in line, I can scan the barcodes of things I've got in my cart through cartwheel and it'll find the deal for me if I've missed it. 🙂

stephkan20 says:

I'd be the get away driver 😉 Ha! (Hopefully never have to but I can play along) And I also love using all the deals at Target..cartwheel/red card/reusable bags 🙂

levimissy11 says:

I saw on the tv that u can order stuff from target you use all the time. Has anyone done this yet and then also used the target app coupons . The closed target is 100 miles away . I am so jealous of the good deals everyone gets

ThisMomsTale says:

I love target to . I do it all coupons, cartwheel, debit , bags etc. Love that store

Erica Lewis says:

My favorites are target and CVS! I love rolling my extra care bucks and getting gas gift cards and great cosmetic and diaper deals at CVS! 🙂

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