How to Set Up Coupon Codes in Amazon Seller Central

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Want to make coupon codes on to promote your stuff? We cover everything: public, private, and one-time use claim codes on Seller Central. Follow step-by-step to make perfect promo codes.

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0:00 – 3:40: BASIC SET UP.
Here’s everything you need to know to get started with coupon codes. If you watch until this point, you’ll know how to create discount codes/deals that appear publicly on your Amazon listing. Anyone who sees the listing can see the discount.

In this section, you’ll learn how to create a coupon code that isn’t publicly available (instead, it’s an 8-character code entered at checkout). Share it with a select group like family, friends, or HonestFew product reviewers. This is a fully-functional, private promo code.

You’ll learn how to make one-time claim codes (single use codes). Unlike private claim codes, they can’t be publicized online and taken advantage of, because each customer is issued a unique code. These are great for ensuring maximum privacy and enforcing a “one per customer” policy. Watch to the end if you’re intense about your codes.

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Barb Riley says:

Can't you actually make a promotion and show how it is done and not just hover around the screen? NOT GOOD.

Julia Eeinze says:

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Hi, will I be able to find out who uses coupon codes?

Amit Shapira says:

Really like your videos guys!

Rudy S says:

The video is well made and easy to understand and follow up to the point where you made the 150 codes. Where I'm confuse is did you make the 150 codes in addition to what was made on the group coupon or can I go straight to making the 150 codes and skipping the group one you made earlier. Please explain. Thanks

Easy Money says:

hi, Create a free shipping promotion please tell me . I want to do 2 coupons free shipping + discount on the product 100% to give for free and get early feedback on your product

Alex Adams says:

It would be so much better if you show a specific example for a specific product

TheOriental Organic says:

Thanks A LOT 😉

Yousaf Khan says:

It is lovely and easy following steps, thanks

Tee Atks says:

Great video! Is it the same process to discount an ebook?

Retrostalgia says:

Hi, I do not see "Advertising" or "Pricing" in my control bar, do you have any idea why is that?

Jacques Bris says:

great video, very precise.

Susan Blair says:

Thank you so much, I really appreciate how easy you made this seem. Thanks for sharing.

Pierre Lamarre says:

Great video. Clear and precise.

Steve Bibeau says:

Do you have any videos going specifically over the "Buy One Get One" or "External Benefits" promotions? I cannot find information about these anywhere and they don't seem very straightforward or like something I want to just "wing" 🙂

anosikemo says:

Excellent instructional video. Very instructional, concise, lucid, easily understandable, and clear. Great for anyone who wants to be able to follow and to learn the material.

Thank you so much!

Melon Rind Games says:

Got it. Thank you so much.

Brian M. Collyer says:

Thanks, well done, clear, simple and straightforward.

Mukund ReNewIT says:

Wonderful video, thanks for the simple run through of the step by step process.

carol matheri says:

Very informative. Thanks so much.

andrea howell says:

Great Video.  Just what I was looking for.  Thanks so much!

Cristian Baneg says:

awesome Video

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