How to Setup a Discount Code in Shopify for New Customers

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Learn how to create a discount code for new customers to use when they make their first purchase on your Shopify store. This discount code can only be used once and is specifically for customers that have never made a purchase before.

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villagedecor says:

Thank you, I have a question to @estorekings that Customers using different email addresses to use first order discount code multiple times. How to stop that is there any way, could you please reply on this?

Alvim C. N says:

Top top this explanation!
My name is Alvim and i'm from Brazil…
Many kisses for u .
Excuse me my english!

Fatima Norma Oaes says:

Does this work for people who aren't subscribed to your store? like for example if you would create a discount like this for black friday ?

Ronalee Amis says:

Thank you!! best tutorial I've seen so far.

Faith Waters says:

You explained this so well and straight to the point! Thank you!!!

Mill Gap Farms says:

Thanks for the video. Very well done! And of course very helpful too!!!

Tanya Vliss says:

Thank you for such an easy-to-understand and follow tutorial.

Brad Warren says:

Good video .interesting I'm only not getting all the type options.. Just Discount Code or Automatic

GrittyGirl Graphics says:

Thank you!!!

Cavad Memmedov says:

Thank you for the very clear explanation!

Paul Nelson says:

Thank you 🙏 for taking the time to make this. It was very informative. You explained and visualized the concept well!

Zill Games says:

Very Helpful . Thank you so much ❤️

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