How to Stack Digital Coupons and Paper Coupons at Giant, Stop and Shop, and Martin’s

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1. When it asks for your card hit no continue without card
2. Scan all products
3. Hit pay for order
4. Scan all paper coupons except store in ad or home mailers.
5. Hit the back button
6. Scan your card
7. Hit pay for order again
8. Scan any in ad coupons, home mailers, or any other store coupons
9. Pay for your order.


Victoria Coffey says:

Just found you and so happy I did!!! This is fabulous.

lacyj827 says:

Thank you so much I'm going to try it!!

Shiza Amir says:

I lost my card so i can just put my number instead of scanning the card or it just work with card?

Yashira says:

Very helpful. Thanks for sharing!

Brittany Lacker says:

are you sure that when you scan your card it’s not just taking off the savings for the sale price?

Kasey Bee says:

Thank you very much😊

Reina Nieto says:

Stop and shop is different ?

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