How to start EXTREME COUPONING – Beginning Couponing

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Gloriana Lugo Lugo says:

How I can contact to you?

crafty busra says:

Super helpful !!!!

Sandra Ash says:

Step 4 thoroughly confused me…

Phoenix Muah says:

Hello! Which couponing wevsites do you recommend? Thank You!

friday1999 aj says:

I'm 12 wanting to start my stores don't give paper with coupons any help

Luis Duran Garcia says:

thanx but what i don't getis the store policies

Luis Duran Garcia says:

i want to know what websites to use to monitor sales and i don't understand how to use the coupons

Ignis says:

the internet is an interesting place…

Kesha Boston says:

I am going to start this Also so I can save more since I will be having a little one on the way.This would be rather helpful.

K'Tedra KJM says:

Hey. How do I get them to send me Sunday papers I just started and I am scared to even while up the line where I live

Myah Cancino says:

How do you set up transactions?

HCLF fox says:

loved the video!

alid alvarado says:

Thaaaaaaaaank you I finally know what inserts are, lol I was like what the heck are those? I have coupons LBVS … I love how you explained everything step by step. Thank you soooo much!

Freak Of Nature says:

I want to start this so I can save, and I can donate food to my local food bank. I've been in the position of needing food stamps, so had my step brother. It would have been much easier for us if we had something like this.

Yuridia and Danelly Subscribe says:

I hope this helps im ten and i coupon

Ashli Underhill says:

what are good couponing websites???

Megan Gertgen says:

what are good couponing wesites

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