How to use coupons and save 50% off your grocery bill

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Hi friends,

In this video I will show you how I use coupons to save over 50% off my grocery bill. This is not extreme couponing, it is reasonable couponing for the rest of us. You will learn how to match coupons with circular sales, make a list from the computer using, how to clip and organize coupons using a binder as well as what to do with expired coupons. I am including a grocery haul where I saved 53% on my bill and will also take you on a tour of my stockpile.
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SharpeMC That's Me says:

Has anyone ever told you that you look like Sela Ward?

My Kiba The shiba says:

Great video and I want a stock pile like this too

Meghan Slay says:

does the coupons can to be for a certain store??? R u just can take them to anyone

Tonya Corder says:

I think I finally understand. I ust to think coupons were for only for things I was gonna use but now I understand if I will use these items anyway, that's how I save money. Thank you so much for explaining it to me.

mommyof 2 says:

hey im so new into this how and what page is better for me to print them thanks

Sergio Tafoya says:

THANK YOU THANK YOU. used your advice from this video and saved 54 dollars from my usual shopping bill

Jody says:

I have been printing coupons from my computer for a long time, but I recently started to wonder just how much money I am really saving because of the cost of the ink. When you factor in the high cost of the printer ink, it really brings down the savings quite a bit.

0obutterflykisseso0 says:

I love you stockpile room! What does it look like today?

thundercloud47 says:

Thank You for your very thorough, yet not overwhelming video, starting from the coupons to what you saved on in your storage room…I love it!  Please, would like to ask, where can coupon binders like yours be purchased.  I'm really impressed with it, as it looks to be the perfect binder just for coupon-ing :).   Gretchen

Tina Inglima says:

Omg Sophia im gonna show my husband this so we can work it together. This is great. I dont remember you showing this room in your basement. What if we dont have a basement how can we keep ours fresh because it cooler in a basement. Where do you get those type shelves for the walls.

SuperGirl1970 Carver says:

I had cashier tell me that because it is in black and white it is a copy.

Iheart2cook says:

This was very well done.  Thank you.

sasha somwaru says:

this is awesome, great great video 🙂

Yvette Miguez says:

I'm so excited to start!!!

My Great Challenge says:

you re welcome!

My Great Challenge says:

wow, thank you for letting me know. I did not know that. I'll fix it as soon as possible!

Free2live4God says:

thanks for the links but the one for military families doesn't work or your blog post

Robyn D says:

That was awesome! You made it look like its something I could actually do… Thanks!!!

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