How to use coupons ~ How I get ready to shop with coupons !!

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Melissa Rowe says:

I'm watching your video and where I live I don't have a publix. We have walmart and brookshires, cvs and Walgreens

Juanita Rios says:

I have a question if i have 4 coupons for any 2 tone body was how many coupons can i use when its time to pay

Jennie D says:

Thanks lady, I've been wanting to coupon for awhile now. I really appreciate this video. All the videos I've watched weren't so forward but this one was and thank you!

SuperGirl1970 Carver says:

I totally agree, as long as i'm saving 50% is OK with me.

ericka butler says:

hey i love your video i started couponing just a few weeks ago so far i get my sons similac formula for 16cent and i did get free wet n wild makeup leaving the store with 3cent they payed me. but i have no idea how to coupon for food lol could you help me with that please and where is the best place to shop with coupons i no most store where i live dont double coupons. here are the stores around me walmart,foodlion,save alot,bottom dollar,fair-value,target, cvs,walgreens,rideaid

nybaby40 says:

I don't know if you have already done a video on this but I will ask anyways.  I know Walmart matches the prices at other stores, for example, you bring the circular from Publix or any other store or supermarket and they will honor that price or give you the one free….that is easy to match when you are buying the same exact thing and brand. … but I have seen people apply this to vegetable and meats… how do you know they will honor the price if the meat from Publix is not the same brand as the meat from Walmart for example? What do I have to watch out for? Same price per lb/what???  Thanks in advance! Great informational videos, I am starting to learn about couponing!  

Prisscilla Acotsa says:


Denney Eckhart says:

Interesting video, look at this, You can get your 100$ Walmart gift card here . No personal info needed.

Al Bundy says:

you can hit the back button and print most coupons twice.  if you have a place like stop and shop that auto double's up to .99, thats a nice bonus. also, many stores have a deal with where you can add coupons to your store card, AND you can also use a paper coupon at that store too at the same time.

owner owner says:

great coupons at

30plussomemore says:

Sorry to hear that… you can use the principles of the transactions to apply to another store that you have near you…thanks for taking the time to watch… hope you have a great day! Melissa

30plussomemore says:

I use a brother laser printer… I used to use a ink-jet printer, but I used SOOO much ink that it was crazy expensive. The laser printer has been a life saver.. thanks so much for watching.. hope you have a great day! Melissa

TheKweenpinky says:

wat printer do u use

pacohc713 says:

we dont have publix this didnt help

jonatan drake says:

Ladies are crazy for cuponds.

kim griffith says:

I appreciate u taking the time to do this video

30plussomemore says:

Thanks lady!!! hugs..Melissa

MilliesVlog says:

i love these videos from u

JoEllacd says:

I just wish that my local grocery stores had double or triple coupons.. then I would be golden!!

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