How to use coupons on AliExpress

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Our team at AliExpress is busy preparing for our biggest shopping festival of the year, the double eleven sale. We want to make sure you’re ready to get extra coupons for your favorite products on the big day, so our team put together a quick video to show you how to do it. Let’s take a look.


Ing. Monika Francisciova says:

I do this same, but am I unable to apply a coupon! Aliexpress please to correct this!

Zara Khan says:

sir how to use my select coupon.

biplab ghosh says:

Ali express is not offering Coupons .

GTGeeKs says:

My order has been refused after I use AliExpress coupon

MeiraIra says:

Hello, I need to ask.. I just catch some product in "cost coins + 0.01$" , but in order list it shows me – 6.58$ and the same on my bank account…. so im not sure about that its just for 0.01$ …..????

SkullHQ says:

Too bad my coupons just aren't showing up. I got them alright, I can see them. The drop down menu thinks I don't have any though. So that's cool.

GaMeRGiRl hello says:

One question. Are those "100$ worth of cupons" working? Do I need to give any money to buy something with those cupons? Do I need to put my credit card in? Please help me. Best regards 😘

Angie Visser says:

Why am I unable to apply a coupon? Aliexpress needs to correct this!

Alvin Lau says:

How come i cant use "sellers coupons" on all in store items? Is it because of restrictions?

But on myAli express coupon account page- it writes, all in store items. Sooo how does it work or is there a mistake or something?


how to use aliexpress coins for buying any product

Ritvars Grinbergs says:

I dont have those options-when i click buy now next step is to pay in window where only thing i can change is shipping adress.

KleineSavage says:

it dont work

CheeseCakeHD says:

i click get the cupon but i not have cupon

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