How To Use Digital Coupons at DOLLAR GENERAL (Beginner Video)

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M A says:

This was helpful ty!

Lina Silaphanh says:

We can only use the coupons on Saturdays?

Jennifer Swift says:

How do you use the coupons when you checkout though? That’s what I was trying to find out. Do you show them your phone? How does it work?

tubes200708 says:

Hey Rain 🤗♥️

Goat Black Mamba Jr says:

Happy Friday Toni 😍❤😍❤😍

Goat Black Mamba Jr says:

Hi Toni😍❤😘😍❤😘❤

California It is## says:

I remember being so embarrassed when I was young and my mom would use coupons that's why I dont use coupons today as an adult because it brings back embarrassing memories!

Tawnee Burwell says:

Don’t forget Walgreens beauty Toni

desiree ventura says:

I'm not a beginner but I love watching your videos! Sa TX

Couponing Crystle says:

Very helpful video thanks so much because dg can be confusing 🤣

Coupon Mode says:

The $5 off 2 Pantene glitches with the trial size that are $3 each, making it $1 for both. Great filler item for Saturday. $2 Oral b attaches to $2 indicator making it free

GNJ 233 says:

Thank you so much for this very easy-going and understandable!!

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