How to use Dollar General Digital Coupons

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Using Dollar General digital coupons can save you money. They are great when used with sale and clearance and can possibly get you free or money maker items! This video is to clear up any misunderstandings about stacking them with printables.


Laura Rueda says:

Does the app works different than the computer version?? Because I can not see my coupons in the computer only in the phone. In the phone I can see the coupons with the M and others with the check mark. thank you for you time to answer me.

Laura Rueda says:

Hello. I am very frustrated with the coupons. What is the check mark means?

nguyễn dũng says:

dollar general coupons digital coupons

Sophia Roberts says:

I'm without a phone for a min & im using a text free app but just learning that ppl use text free apps to stock up on savings I may do that now too

Sophia Roberts says:

Ppl have about 50 different accounts cause they use Text free apps

Laura. I love couponing Bare says:

If you have a digital coupon for $2 off any snuggle, can you buy 2 snuggle and get $4 off in coupons?

Dillon Lee Etheridge Jr says:

I find the Dollar General app completely useless it does not have coupons that you need

Cindy Evans says:

I am still having trouble with the store on Bethlview Rd in Cumming Ga,when I tell them I have Digital Coupons,when I tell them I have Digital Coupons it is to late or doesn't work

yana212 says:

my digital coupons didn't work in the store. it only took off the store discount i was so mad

Jack Frost says:

Thank you soooooo….much!!!!!!

shonda87 says:

to long and drawn-out 😴

Jonnie Duvall says:

I work for dollar general and I've been trying to learn more about digital coupons. It can be very stressful for everyone. Even though most coupons say one per purchase and no one follows that rule, if a person gets two products, for example 2 tide pods, and uses one digital coupon for one, can they still use a paper coupon for the other?

Shelby Dennis says:

Can you still print the coupons from the DG website if you wanted to?

Beth Gillmore says:

Thank you so much! Your video really helped me to understand DG's digital coupons.

Rebekah Palmer says:

Thank you so much! I've been looking around for someone to mention how to actually enter digital coupons at checkout, yes you're awesome 😀 Thanks again!

Amy Evans says:

when do you use your paper coupons? after you enter digitals?

001pembroke says:

Great video, thanks for posting!!

Gina Fiel says:

how many purchases can you use your digital coupon on say you buy something with your coupon and the next day you go and you want to use the coupon again can you do that

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