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I’m going to talk a little bit about how to use store ecoupon programs. So I think most of us are used to when we go to the grocery store we might have a loyalty card. Something that we swipe at the very end that applies any of the in-store sales to our discounted price.

What many people don’t realize though is that you can actually apply additional coupons to that card. There’s several websites that you can go to and you can select manufacture coupons and it will load it to that card.

What’s nice about this is that I don’t know if anyone else finds them self in this position but often times I’ll have all my coupon ready and the grocery list is sitting right there and I’m gathering up the kids, heading to the grocery store and I get there and the coupons are sitting right there, on the dinning room table.

When you load it to your card you don’t need to worry about that. You don’t need to actually have them clipped out or printed out or anything. They’re just gonna apply at the end of your purchase. The hard part there though is that you don’t have that physical paper reminder to make sure you purchase that product to get that savings.

But if your a good list maker, this will ultimately make sure you get those savings, you have one less thing to worry about when your going to the chaos of the grocery store and you’re able to get the best discounts possible. So, there’s just a few tips on how to use store ecoupon programs.


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