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Coupon Mom Stephanie Nelson teaches you how to save on groceries and get free deals every week at thousands of stores across the US.
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I’m Stephanie Nelson, the Coupon Mom. One of the best features on is the grocery coupon database because it makes it so easy to use grocery coupons. What we do is we take all of the grocery coupon information from the Sunday newspaper circulars and we put into a searchable, sortable online database of coupons. Think of it as the Google of grocery coupons. We list all the newspaper coupons and also printable coupons. Let me show how it works.

To use the grocery coupon database, you want to start by buying the Sunday newspaper to get the grocery coupons circulars and write that Sunday’s date on the cover of each weeks circular and then simply save the entire circular in a box or a file. I use a plastic shoe box. The easiest way to use coupons is to use the Coupon Mom system which is getting the Sunday newspaper coupons every week and you’ll expect to see 2 or 3 circulars. One is called SmartSource, another is called Red Plum, and about once a month you’ll see a circular for Procter & Gamble. When you get the circulars out of the paper, write that Sunday’s date right on the cover.

If you have a coupon organization system that already works for you, that’s great. Go ahead and cut out some of the coupons that you want and keep them in a file like this or a binder. But be sure to save the rest of the circular. Don’t throw any of it away. Keep that because you never know what might go on sale in the future and what might end up being free if you still had the coupon. Here is some of the many ways to use the grocery coupon database. You can sort the list by the date the coupon came out. You can sort the list by the date it expires, if you’d like to make sure you don’t miss any coupons before they expire, that’s an easy way to find them. You can alphabetize the list if you are looking for a specific coupon. You can also sort the list by coupon value. You can find the highest value coupons quickly.

It’s also easy to find a specific coupon with the search box. Let’s say for example I need to buy toothpaste. I’m not particular about brand, I just want to make sure I have a coupon. I can enter the word toothpaste into the search box and I’ll see a list of every toothpaste coupon that has come out in my Sunday newspaper that is not expired. Then I can select the one that works and add that to my list. The coupons on the top of the database with images are printable coupons. All you need to do is click on the link that says, view coupon, and you go straight to the printable coupon section.

All of the coupons without images are from the Sunday newspaper. You cannot print the coupons without images. Those are just referring you to the Sunday newspaper circular. Remember, coupons are like cash when you know where to find them. Take advantage of this easy tool, so you can save every week.

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Rukiya Williams says:

I'm new to couponing so can you give me a little clarity, the coupons from your site and are all manufacturer coupons?

spiro37 says:

does a certain newspaper have better coupons than others? Like, should I start buying U.S.A. today sunday newspapers?

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