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My Recent Coupon Deals (Dollar General and Walmart): https://youtu.be/RgsVp5HQqyo

Where to get Coupons/Savings for Walmart:
Walmart Savings Catcher (On the Walmart App)
Checkout 51
Saving Star
****Ibotta****Get $10 when you sign up for Ibotta: https://ibotta.com/r/phkxlhx

Price Breakdown:
Brownie Brittle– $2.98 – 1.00 coupon (on package) – 1.00 Ibotta – 1.00 Checkout 51 = FREE + .02 MM (UPDATE: Checkout 51 didn’t accept because I had already used an in-store coupon 🙁 )

Yoplait Dippers– $1.48 – 1.50 Ibotta = FREE + .02 MM

Pringles LOUD– $1.45 – .50 Ibotta = $.95

KC Masterpiece Beans– $1.00 – .30 Ibotta = $.70

Nutella– $3.48- 2.00 Ibotta = $1.48

V8 Energy– Original $5.98, on clearance for $3.00 – 1.00 Ibotta = $2.00

Butter– $4.24 – .25 Ibotta = $3.99

Poise Pads– $8.72 – 2.00 coupon from Poise.com – 5.00 Ibotta = $1.72

Command Hook– $.97 – 2.00 Ibotta = FREE + $1.03 MM

What I paid OOP (after paper coupons) = $24.32

$14.55 product rebates + $10.00 March Mania Bonus + $2.00 Sweet 16 Bonus + $1.00 March Level 1 Bonus= $27.55 Total Rebates

$24.32 OOP – $27.55 Rebates = FREE + 3.23 MONEY MAKER!

Thanks for Watching!!


Freebies4you says:

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Allie Cast says:

Can you make a video on Ibotta? I am a little confused how it works

Shannon Cook says:

It's funny that Ibotta sets different levels for everyone to hit the bonuses.  I had the 15 like you did for March Madness, but I only had to get 8 not 10 for the Sweet Sixteen, and I've seen other You Tubers talk about having to get upwards of 35 rebates for the March Madness.

Cindi Graham says:

Say there Tiffany, you did explain that well. I have a question. So, you still have to pay cash, and the savings go back onto your Ibotta and Cash out 51? Or, you show Walmart your savings apps, and you end up with the store giving you cash back? Well, that was 2 questions. Thanks, I'm learning a lot from you. Thanks!

Grandmasaves42 says:

Thanks Tiffany for sharing your Walmart haul. I only need 2 more rebates to get Ibotta March Mania promotion and you showed me some items I missed that were FREEBIES! Video will be up when I get back from Walmart!!!!!

Richard Hinsley Sr. says:

Great video, Thanks for the info.

Rebecca5416 says:

The yogurt dippers were really gross. Lol

Deb Reaves says:

Thanks for the info! The Nutella and butter caught my interest cuz I'm a baking maniac and those are some expensive products. It's always exciting to pay next to nothing for stuff you need. When I hear my mom got something expensive I'm like "Noooo!!!! WHY? did you pay full price???? I had a coupon!" I'm a nut lol.

Christina Lynn says:

thank you so much for explaining

JilliAlicia T-Bell says:

Thanks for explaining the
checkout51 I didn't realize we could do both — duh on me — LoL..

RaGe GaMeR says:

Great video missy 🙂

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