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My Coupon Earnings Disclosure Video

Here is the email from Brandcaster (

Upcoming Changes in the Brandcaster Program

Dear Partner,

Over the course of the coming months, we will be phasing out our coupon printer software. This means that eventually all users who want to print coupons will use our new print functionality, which does not require special software.

What will be different?

BrandCaster Logo In the future, users will no longer need to download our printing software.
BrandCaster Logo The only way to print will be through a simple phone number authentication process, which allows users to print from all types of devices (desktop, tablets and mobile phones).

Why is this change occurring?

BrandCaster Logo We are making this change so that our coupons are more accessible for everyone.

How can I prepare for this change?

BrandCaster Logo Please work with your users to encourage them to adopt the new phone number authentication print functionality.

More details will be shared with you as they become available.
Thank you for being a valued Brandcaster partner.

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