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Insert Preview for 7-23-17


Jotique Harlee says:

Oh yay I am from North Carolina also you got yourself a newbie

Mary Mills says:

Loving me some of that snuggle ( the new)
My clothes smell ALL DAY and I'm a smoker so that's awesome πŸ–€
You show them babies girl

Viola Alley says:

I love getting these inserts on Tuesday.. Love your channels

Lanita Richardson says:

Will it be just one insert?

Marita Cooks says:

1 dollar off Kellogg coupon and Winn Dixie has a sale 3 for $5 Kelloggs cereal

Tameeka Mckenzie says:

I think the Johnson Johnson coupon was regional .. would have loved it

Martha Espinosa says:

Hi I just subscribe to your channel. What part of NC are you from?

Mali Cool says:

Great job Moms!!! Keep up the good work. This is Jamaal by the way πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Debra Hayes The FAM says:

Thank you for the preview as always

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