Instructions on Printing PDF Coupons Made Easy!

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How to print a PDF coupon when you want to print only a certain portion of the pages. Just a quick instruction for those having problems printing coupons from PDF files and they only want to print a portion of the document to save paper and printer ink.

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Lavender Littlejohn says:

Thank you, very helpful and it worked

JOE JACK says:

You're making copies of the same coupon?

Princess Jasmine says:

Do you know how to actually save the coupon to pdf like from Or

Dorsaeng See says:

Ohk thank you. If I wanted to print more than once . Will all the barcodes be the same or different

Dorsaeng See says:

What program im new to this not sure where to start. Can u tell me step by step. I see ur on a screen here but im not sure what screen program your on. Sorry I have so many questions

Eedor See says:

do i need to download anything to print the pdf coupon would love to learn how please

Latoria Martin says:

does this still work?

Rosa Martinez says:

i tried pulling up the coupons, but they won't pop up. and it won't let me save them either

Mommy2TwoBoys says:

@bonnieandspike You're very welcome. I've had lots of views, but you're the first to say it helped! I thought it wasn't very helpful.

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