Investigating My Local JOANN Fabrics Store

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After seeing all of your reports from various JOANN Fabrics stores, I had to check it out for myself and investigate my local haunt. Literally, it was haunted with tons of Halloween decor & seasonal merchandise. This was the same store I visited several months ago in a previous tour. Has it changed? Is it adequately staffed? We’re about to find out!
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*Is JOANN Fabrics in Trouble?* – Tough times for longtime fabric & craft supply retailer JOANN Fabrics…
*The Downfall of JOANN Fabrics* – Taking a deep dive into what’s behind the downfall of JOANN Fabrics.

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@sewingreportlive says:

Shop with Me at JOANN Fabrics (1st Time in YEARS!) (previous vlog)
Is JOANN Fabrics in Trouble? – Tough times for longtime fabric & craft supply retailer JOANN Fabrics
The Downfall of JOANN Fabrics – Taking a deep dive into what's behind the downfall of JOANN Fabrics

@VintagePeach628 says:

Do they have therian masks?

@micknightmare3 says:

The store by my house is ran by like 2 old ladys lol took forever to get my yarn. They need help. But the store seems not busy. I feel like they are trying to compete with big lots or walmart and it should just be online. They suck at fulfillment rn

@EveryStitchWitch says:

It’s very common for joanns stores to be disorganized and chaotic. It’s mostly due to hour cuts. At my towns store they have gone from 300-400 hours one week down to 200 another. I believe it started happening after Joann’s went open in the stocks in 2021. Most of the stocking issues stem from inadequate coverage for stocking specifically. Most stores try to focus on actual interactions between customers. It’s unfortunate, but please don’t take it out on the employees, blame the company. We all are upset about it.

@bettygadd2333 says:

Last 2 times I was in my JoAnn’s you have to ring doorbell at register to checkout. Only saw 1 employee.

@America650 says:

My local JoAnn only has 2 employees working in the evening!
On weekends they have at least 4, and we are waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting to get fabrics cut.
And I am not surprised if JoAnn closes in my area, they are so stingy with the fabric cut, right at the one yard, not giving you an extra just in case the last cut was uneven!

@sharonrimsza7960 says:

How many employees could actually sew? Did you ask any basic question about fabric such as “where is the Poplin or Twill. Or, do you have Corduroy? Do you have and bridal fabrics? Do you carry Organza? Do you have flat back Satin? Huh? You have to DIG through interfacing. Or buy a tiny package. And, if you dare to want to buy interfacing or muslin by the bolt…they actually unwrap the sealed plastic around the bolt and want to measure it and give you a jumbled pile! I have literally had to stop them, point out it has never been opened and show them where the sticker is that tells them how much fabric is on the bolt!

I actually had one of their ‘managers’ tell me they had to open a sealed bolt of fabric and measure it. I, because I was annoyed, let them open it, measure it, and wad it up…then told them I have changed my mind and I no longer wanted that wad of fabric. Left the store. Made sure I got the managers name and let her know when I was leaving that she probably needed to go back and help the snot employee (and snot manager) rewind the fabric back on the bolt! No purchase today and I would be contacting corporate.

Who knows what happened but when the sealed bolt says 15 yds, you would think 🤔 that they would have a clue. Bet neither one of them knew how to sew! Agh! It sucks when you have your own Fifedom and some old lady points you back at yourself!

@alanporter7935 says:

Sad state of affairs@Joann.They have never been able to figure out the Labor model for their stores.Sewing is very labor intensive and accuracy in measuring.The Labor it takes to properly merchandise seasonal and floral,if not allocated,you get what your video shows,which then takes away from the fabric presentation.
JAS would benefit from allowing Hibby Lobby to have the seasonal/floral piece of the business(they do it right) and focus on the sewing piece which carries tremendous margin and the store footprint (square feet) would not be necessary and with looming chapter 11 it would give an oppty to shutter oversized lications and develop a smaller "sewcentric" store footprint.

@Greg_Knight says:

Wow, I've been to a few Joann stores in my area lately and only 1 has any substantial stock (Dublin, CA). At least the staff at this location are nice and try to be helpful. Although today, they were completely out of what we needed. Go figure! Also, 2 of the other stores I've visited were horrid. The first (El Cerrito, CA), looked like a 1989 Moscow grocery store. I swear it looked like the store had been ransacked. The second (San Leandro, CA), the sales people were surly, the store was messy, and I had to track down an employee so I could buy an overlock machine. Today we were told by phone they didn't have time to check a stock item and to call back in an hour because they were busy and only had two workers. This location also has two additional taxes at checkout to pay – a district tax and a parish tax! I've never seen these taxes in other Bay Area cities. Maybe Joann should merge with Michael's and the new store should be called Mike & Jo.

@RiaB333 says:

I gave JoAnn's another try yesterday (January 12, 2024) and was equally as disappointed as the last time I visited (late fall 2023). I go to JoAnn's for upholstery and drapery material of all kinds (make that past tense from now on). I'm actually a self-proclaimed addict to fabrics, as my closet would prove. What happened to JoAnn's?!?!?! From your videos I now know. Corporate mismanagement. The upholstery-type fabrics (Jo-Ann's refers to this section of the store as "decor" fabrics is now all JUNK! The selection is pitiful, as is the quality. On my first shocking visit — right after the COVID epidemic — I thought it might be due to the import problems at the docks in LA, assuming much of the fabric comes from abroad. But, that obviously is not the problem. Not only are the fabric choices greatly reduced (numerous bare bolt holders) in this category and of poor quality, but what was on display was a total mess, with bolts unraveling on the floor, lopsided or actually on the floor. Obviously, no one cares to keep the inventory there is looking welcoming. I was hoping, at least, that there might still be the rows and rows (formerly) of custom upholstery fabrics that one could order. These were previously gorgeous choices that a customer could order and JoAnn's would get for you very quickly. No more. So, good-bye Jo-Ann's. It was nice while it lasted but obviously you don't want to keep the thousands of upholsterers coming to your store. Too bad, you had great bargains. Will be looking elsewhere. Farewell.

@tracylynn4717 says:

This looks like a really clean store you were at compared to the one that I just ran across in Phoenix Arizona on Tatum Boulevard. I wish I could show the pictures here, it was horrible! There were so many spills on the ground that was just left to dry. There was even a trail that looked like somebody cut themselves and walked up to the front of the store and you could follow the blood trail. (yes, I have a picture of that too.) The store had not been swept in months. It looks like garbage stacked overflowing in bins. I even stopped and asked a worker what was going on, and she just shrugged and said they only let us work part time.

@dhotz8474 says:

Disheartening. I've been getting that stitch itch lately, & Joann has always been the most reliable store in the area before online ordering. My store looked the same since the last time I was there, & that was some time ago. I was hoping to see more variety in the doll/bear building area. I got these nice black with blue eyes for this bear I'm going to build. The back of the store had some disheveled shelves. Anywho, it's a shame that consumerism is taking over. Instead of the confidence that comes with making stuff with your own hands.

@carrieharsh1461 says:

you’re not wrong but there’s way more to the story. Just dig deeper than the brick and mortar part of it. (Quarterly reports and stocks etc)

Ndr so I can’t say more than that I’m sure.
You can film in the store – but ty for blurring the employee faces 👍
The back room is full of product I’m betting so much so that they had to put it out on the floor. It happened to my local store too bc cut hours to work freight & no longer have a crew just for that.
9-10 employees on shift in a dead mega store is shocking

Locally, lucky to have 3 at one time.

Good luck to the employees and can’t wait to see an update on this after new fiscal year Feb 2024

@chyhart says:

they sell like they are oriental trading co xD i mean.. maybe thats whats going on, higher ups cutting deals on bulk purchases that include a bunch of crap. Hmmm.. everything boxed up and an industrial fan? What if something happened, like a water leak or something.

@JanineCeleste says:

Like Michael's and Hobby Lobby, they have everything marked down significantly, likely due to the economy. People are buying less, so if they don't want to go under, they have to sell more things for less, rather than less things for more. Fall stuff was 40% off at Hobby Lobby in September, and they were already putting out Christmas inventory marked down at 50% off and the prices never went up, they are still 50% off. Hobby Lobby made the choice to discontinue their coupons, and made the statement that they are going to offer cheaper prices across the board. They are already selling out of a lot of Christmas items here in Southern California, and it's not even December yet, and they had the isles crammed with inventory, and tons of stock in the rafters. I was just in there yesterday and the lines are ridiculously long, everyone with full carts. This is a good move which will leave them with far less stock when the season is over. I've noticed Michaels and JoAnn's doing something similar, though they both still offer coupons. There's 2 things I believe are happening; 1. People are spending less due to the economy, and to generate spending the prices needed to fall, and 2. Remember all the shipping containers that were held up in our ports for months? I think there may be inventory overload. My JoAnn's, Michael's and Hobby Lobby are all full of inventory and are all having massive sales. I do hope everything will be okay.

@belenwooley1650 says:

I'm sweet but had to speak up

@belenwooley1650 says:

Fabric is for quilting tons of options like dresses or seasonal stuff

@belenwooley1650 says:

Well they keep dust off the floral

@belenwooley1650 says:

Floral stinks and it gets hot but keep it cool

@belenwooley1650 says:

Yes I have a friend love tons of skeletons for Halloween funny display 😂

@belenwooley1650 says:

The Styrofoam foam heads are also for displays for masks or stores or retail stores

@belenwooley1650 says:

People hosting parties with big families will decorate or buy after to save for next year 😂😂😂

@belenwooley1650 says:

I think people don't know Santa's elves have tons to do but have cashiers's a store..they need to watch a video..I ran a store it takes a village..they hate waiting bring in employees you need to sale to create funds to hire ..please be nice these people deal with a lot and still smile and help you..that's sad people are too into themselves to take the time to act silly ..I think that's rude joannes people have been helpful and amazing to me everyday ..

@jayneuman3457 says:

girl…this is the SAME stuff the store has been selling for YEARS….10-15-20 years, it's NOTHING new….

@Potatocustom says:

I did have a question for you. I saw in one of your videos, you had a new mic and said was a good one off Amazon. I was about to look into desk top mics. And wanted to ask which one you have. If you don't mind sharing

@robinh says:

I live in a rural area but when I visit my son I check out the Joanns nearby. Omg it's really gone downhill this past year. Hardly any apparel fabric. I stick with Stylemaker for excellent apparel fabrics. Spendy but clean and fabulous quality.

@charlestonchewies says:

I wish we had one this large. Well, our store has limited staff and is now closing at 6pm daily. 6!!! I don't know. Maybe because of staffing? Sad!

@amazoniam3695 says:

Here's my perspective:
Why the F are they selling poor quality, pre-made items THAT PEOPLE LIKE TO CRAFT THEMSELVES??? (i.e, the styrofoam skull).
Sorry for the allcaps; but I get incredibly aggravated when stores/retailers/producers are this effin' stupid. They need to ditch all the chotchky and focus on real fabrics (not just quilting stuff…. yes quilters, bring on the hate, but quilting used to be all about frugality and using up scraps from real projects, not some absurd, cheapo, mass-produced fabric squares. You're better than that. You have skills! Stop letting them screw you out of $ for their crappy fat quarter bundles!).
It really says something that 90% of the time I can't get the fabric I'm looking for at JoAnn… which is… a fabric store (supposedly).
Thank you for your investigative efforts on this debacle. Even the local Wally World doesn't have a decent sewing section (some used to), so if JoAnn goes belly up a lot of us are going to be totally SOL.

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