IP Coupons Are They Copies??? (Video Request) | Couponing With Toni

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hilary says:

Thank you for this video!! I'm a newbie and this situation has happened to me😤😭❤️

Rosa Guzman says:

I've learn so much from you Toni thank you so much we love you too….

Ronnie Veronique85 says:

Thanks so much for the tip. It has happened to me on several occasions. Wish I knew then. But now I do. And it will never happen again. LOVE your vids. And I love YOU to the moon and back…😍😍😍

amazinladee says:

Have you ever used the app called Grocery IQ?

Nat Rowe says:

I never knew this! Thank you for making us aware!

PrettyK 0913 says:

Hey Toni, how do I add you to my friend list on ibotta? I just send you a friend request on Facebook to see if it will come on through Facebook.

Robin Perdue says:

I Just started only printing all my coupons in black and white because the color my printer came with finally ran out. So far i've had no problems using any of the black and white coupons.

Rebekah J. says:

can you do a video on store coupon policies, I know I get really confused on what they are saying, this would be a big help. Thank you 😀

CKQuebral says:

Thank you, Toni! I never printed coupons before but I finally printed some the other day. I didn't know how to print 2 of the same but when I went to print it it asked how many copies I wanted so I just put 6 they all printed but now I realize they're 6 of the same, same PIN and everything so I need to throw the other ones away.

Mieya Hardee says:

Thank you thank you thank you!!

Mieya Hardee says:

Thank you thank you thank you!!

Michelle Carr says:

Thank You so much for that info.

Disfrutar Con lila says:

👍👍thanks Tony for help us to know more about this because I was on cvs and the cupon did not scan and the manager said it is a copy and i said no that is ilegal to do and I am not going to jail for a copy and told her about the pin numbers on the top but she never trusted me so I could not used them some times is better not to buy when we have those horribles moments

elena guzman says:

thank you very much for your video

Lady B'dos says:

Thanks for sharing this info.

919bird says:

Thanks for this video!

Melissa Gunter says:

I went to Walgreens last week to use the coupons for the oral b battery opperated toothbrushes. I tried to use two coupons and the cashier told me I couldn't use two coupons because the coupon states one per transaction. I had two coupons and two products. I'm still trying to figure out why it wouldn't go through

Adam Klawikofsky says:

I have a question: whenever I use 2 cvs coupons like for example the speed stick the coupon always scans as a duplicate, am I doing something wrong?

SuperGirl1970 Carver says:

I couponer behind me told me this information about 6 months ago while I was in line at jewel/osco.

lola copacabana says:

There were nice to you but remember the mascara deal I was not able to do it .First target said you have buy thing we don't give stuff free, than it was where we got the coupons, the they aren't real.It was nightmare I mad and end up with nothing.

Princess Sofia Rodríguez says:

i went to rite aid and I saw coupon machine I print 4 coupons and they have the same the number at the bottom I'm scared to use it

Mariela Russell says:

Never new that the numbers were different! I have been asked if my up coupons were copied 😐 I said no! It was at dollar tree and they didn't take it because it didn't scan and they said they couldn't type it in like they could to a MF coupon. Thanks for the video! I learned something new today🤗

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