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Hi Friends, I hope this video helps explain the difference between IP & Inserts coupons. I know it can be confusing but I’m here to help. xoxo~Toni
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Thanks for this video…. I've noticed that on some of my coupons that come out of the red box have MFG on the right side of it them (assuming that means manufacturer coupons) and some don't. So I naturally thought/assumed that the others were the store coupons. Didn't know that the red box were different than the store coupons. Where do you find store coupons? Thanks again!

Ariadna Perez says:

I bought 8 products of Garnier fructice and I used coupons and 3 ecbs and I only paid $2.60, it did save me money for all them however without coupon I would it pay like $26.92.

Maria Santiago says:

i love to see your video it has help me now my daughter are happy cause i am doing well just by seeing your video thank you so much

Rita Cheefoo says:

Hi Toni, thank you so very very much. You're wonderful.😘😘

Kimberly Fajardo says:

Hi Toni, Thanks for the videos, they are really helpful!! I'm a newbie! I have a CVS question, can one use a % off coupon printed from the Red Box on a regular priced item, that has a promotion of b1g1 50% off attached to it? I hope I explained that clearly. TIA!!

Rita Cheefoo says:

HI Toni, I have a question, just watched your video, because I had to find answers. I had a little problem with my cashier today concerning the numbers on the bar codes at the left bottom side of the IP coupons. The numbers came out the same on two same coupons but the numbers on the top right hand side was different. And she said they where photocopies and I was so embarrassed though, she politely was explaining to me. I was confused I didn't even noticed myself until she did. So my question is are those numbers the same or different? Thank you.
Happy mothers day again.

Adam Jon says:

My cvs cashiers are driving me crazy with their made up coupon policy. I did the eucerin deal today I bought four of the 5.99$ and for some reason my ecbs ddint print even though the bottom of the receipt said I hit the minimum needed. The cashier then went to tell me that the eucerin was under 5 oz so it was a travel size. I looked at him like what. I then ran to the trial and travel section and brought him the actual trial sizes to show him they were not travel sizes and that no where on the coupon did it say the 4 oz bottles were considered trial size. It took 10 minutes of him yelling at me saying I was wrong and he was right before I was completely done. I asked him to cancel all of my transactions give me back my coupons and give me a refund, and that I would do it at a differnt store where they don't make up rules. Then he was like oh look there printing now. I love saving money and I love your videos, and I wAs wondering if anyone else has had this issue with the workers.

Carol Franklin says:

Thank u so so much, 👍😇

Lissette Class says:

Toni I have a question. Can I use 2 App Only Coupons on 1 item? I have 2 "$1 of 3 cereals" can I use both or just one?

Johan Hernandez says:

Thank you. Do you have any stop and shop or shop rite near you? And if you do can you please do a video, thanks

Desi Desh says:

I have coupon for suave buy 2 get $2 off so will I get 4 dollar off for buying two.???

Joanne R. says:

Toni thank you for making your videos they are always helpful. Take care and have a blessed day.

Ariadna Perez says:

I'm new and want to learn how to use them however thanks for the tips.

M.G. P. says:

hey toni love ur videos…i already knew that i cant use both ip coupons and insert coupons on one item but i just love ur videos and watched it just kuz lol…thanks for everything ..god bless

tasha loveumuch says:

Thanks. I'm new to Couponing but can you do a video on what to do if your a new to this. if not this week but in the near future. I know I don't have the coupon and discount you do but I went to cvs this week and I did ok. I appreciate you going to the store and showing me. How do I get peelies?

Marlene Mireles says:

for the upcoming suave deal were we have to spend 12 to get 4 ecb. can we use 2 insert coupons and 2 ip coupons? since it's Unilever and the limit is 2 like coupons?

Downtown on 7th Avenue Handbag Adventures says:

Excellent explanation.  I'm about to stack coupons now with store, manufacturer and a coupon I uploaded to my card (CVS)..Thank you for sharing.  I love your videos so much.  You motivate me to get my coupon game up.

LisseEconomics says:

I've been using coupons for years but your videos have helped me coupon the right way. I'm still learning. I've been watching for 8 months now. keep up the good work.

LisseEconomics says:

can you do a video on overage? ex. I have a $4 off of $10 razor. Can I buy a razor for 9.99 and have the coupon triggered on my card

Lorena Morales says:

Hi Toni, where can I get the cvs coupon? BTW I really enjoy your videos.:)

solyta chamorro says:

I love the pink color on you !!!!

Riggins Riggins says:

Thank you. I learn something new watching your videos.

Sandra Barrioz says:

Thanks so much Toni 🙋🏼👍

Misha and Zephyr by Shannon says:

Noticed it looked like you had 2 of same coupon on same page from coupons.com. How do you do that without backing out and signing back in.

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