Iron (and How To Redeem Promo Codes) – Creativerse Ep4

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I’ve seen a number of people on the steam forum apparently having difficulties redeeming promo codes so I cover that by actually redeeming a code and then claiming it in my world. After that I’m off to an unexpected cave to search for iron. Recorded 17-5-2

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Creativerse is a sandbox voxel world that you can reshape to match your vision. There is exploration, combat, mining, crafting, building. Some people call it a “minecraft clone” but there is easily more than enough difference for it to stand apart on it’s own.

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SuiquasteR99 says:


caleb latondress says:

hey,not to be mean-to-your-world or such but whats the world name?i think i can help out,but i know i will start off empty handed

Wong yew xuan says:

wow your hitting is so slow.
i can hit 3 times faster

Azarcon says:

i love how hes the definition of gamers saying they'll not get bored of video games when they get older

Howard Davis says:

Hello, And Welcome. Great Video; You could try the Hidden Temple Sword seems to be the best in lasting longer than others , For me anyways , Okay just saying, Have a great day.

Jonathan Driver says:

what a noob, but i love that this guy sounds like original batman keep up the great work, and replace all those stone chests with grand arc chests! xD

TheEskViddss says:

Thanks dude!

Hoàng Dũng Lê says:

Each code can only use in 1 sever ??? How I reuse those code in my new sever, plz help me. Ty so much

Te Aroha says:

I have played Creativerse for a long time now and watching your videos has opened my eyes to the things that we forget to tell newcomers.

Tar is flammable I see AvilerED has already told you. I was on the edge of my seat watching waiting for a fire 🙂

I was also trying to tell you every time you walked past iron nodes. Now I understand what is easy for a long time player to see is not always easy for a newcomer to see. Many new players have issues finding iron.

This series has made me want to start out again and remember that thrill of discovery that comes across in your videos. I hope you stay with us long term in game.

AndrogyneMichinaga says:

I just saw someone post these codes on Thorgal's channel. Probably some that people don't already have. EPEEFORTE

AndrogyneMichinaga says:

I like to use a mixture of torches and wood lamps thee deeper I get with caving. Torches don't cut it too well from stalactite layer and really don't on corruption layer. Stun bombs or other bombs really good for The Thing! I also like to stack up a couple of blocks and step back a touch when taming a Thing.

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