Isabelle’s RV in Animal Crossing: New Leaf Welcome amiibo

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I scan in my Isabelle amiibo, get some free MEOW Coupons, and check out her RV in the campground! All Animal Crossing amiibo figures have their own unique set of furniture but they all come with the Wii U & 3DS items so that you can play the newly added minigames. Hope you enjoy!

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Katherine :3 says:

wtf? when i scan isabelle it just says lets hang out smh

Trinity Redman says:

I'm still scanning her. She deserves a day off!

The Animated Gamer 626 says:

Help me I keep scanning Isabelle but it keeps saying "give me something!" PLEASE HELP

ItzRhysYT says:

how do u get theses

Nein01 says:

if you scan in the villager amiibo, the whole universe will implode

Danni Xoxo says:

AMIIBO FESTIVAL IS AWESOME! It is one of my faves!!! Don't EVER diss it again!!!!😡

Smudged Angel says:

Woah! First RV I saw was Blancie's.

Apocalysom says:

But can you make her move in a house?

GraceAndGlory says:

can you use amiibo cards to make the villager come with their RV to the campground

Ashley Boyd says:

How long does the update take?

HellRay says:

Isabelle works everyday.
The only way to give her a break is to buy her Amiibo so she can relax in her RV.
Dammit Nintendo, leave it to you to turn buying your merch into an obligation.

Cinnamoroll Acnl Diamond Lover says:

I found the new 3ds last night 😄💖💝

frenzycon says:

I can now hang a piece of clothing on the wall! I'm going nuts right now!

The Waluigi says:

If you scan the Isabelle amiibo card instead of the amiibo figure,it does the same thing?

Steffi N says:

When is the mobile app coming 😫!!!!

hellow freind hi good says:

Can you invite an amiibo more than once? I invited an amiibo and I wanted him to stay but he wanted to kick someone out and I didn't want to risk someone I like to leave. Can I ask him again another time?

Yoe Gaming LetsPlays says:

In animal crossing new leaf welcome amiibo

Yoe Gaming LetsPlays says:

I just saw Wisp is in the town hall

Lovely says:

Does Harvey have set of furniture he sells or does he just sell all the HHD furniture? I keep getting that red stool every day. Also Desert Island Escape works way better on the 3ds imo.

Troy Atamanuk says:

please make a video on scanning other characters and how to scan plz

thefaceintheshadows says:

How you do that? I have whisp and got the HHD Amibo cards and some Amibo fingers. Just don't know how to get the RVs

Troy Atamanuk says:

why cant the amiibos move to the campground?The only things the amiibo say is "give me a gift"

Sarina Fehr says:

Can you scan reese and cyrus (if you have them) or do you know what items they have already?

mehdigeek says:

Why are your videos so short

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