JOANN Faces Cash Flow & Debt Problems

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JOANN Fabrics faces cash flow & debt problems

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@StretchwithAlison says:

NEVER BUY A MACHINE AT JOANN. They do not take returns for faulty machines UNLESS you don’t open the box!!!! And even if you don’t open the box they will charge you a $25 restocking fee!!!! Buy your machines at a place with a decent return policy!!!

@bettycoffin4206 says:

Long ago in Michigan we had a great store called Minnesota Fabrics which closed and turned into Joann's. As a quilter, a lot of Joann's fabric is woven too loosely and frays badly., which i will not buy. Lately, when I've had questions where in the store items are located, i get the deer-in-headlights stare from the employees. They don't know where stuff is located. Their coupon game is assinine too. This is my last resort store as I'd rather order online.

@christinabowles9294 says:

I find it hard to shop at my Joann. My local store has a dangerous parking lot. In the winter the parking lot is never plowed. It is icy and dangerous. At the entrance to the store there is a security guard. It makes you feel uncomfortable. I don’t want my local store to go out of business. I would like Joann to think about where their store is located and if it is time to relocate to be profitable. I feel like this store is just existing. If all of the Joann stores are neglected in this way it will not surprise me to see them go out of business.

@colleenanderson223 says:

I rarely shop at JoAnn's. My local one is a junky place. They sell the lowest quality fabrics and thread. If I need a zipper, I have to open drawers and look for the one I want. No one restocks. Fabric bolts are lying in the aisles. I buy my quilting cotton at the local quilt shop and have to purchase all of my clothing fabric online. I would love to be able to purchase from a local store but JoAnn's does not carry quality fabrics.

@rhondaadams230 says:

They are to expensive

@rodneycampbell2978 says:

I have no sympathy for them. They ran American fabric manufacturers out of business and all you get is Chinese.

@kathyrnjmaver1173 says:

The problem with Joann during the pandemic was also that the supply chain was destroyed. I went into Joann once it was open, and there were NO bolts of quilting fabric. Shelves were empty during the pandemic. I would think that would be hard to recover from.

@mariatal3519 says:

They should’ve never sold out to corporate America. Fabric stores are needed. You have to see and feel the fabric.

@dispatch911comm says:

The one near me is way over priced and the quality and selection has become really terrible. They aren’t the only store doing it sadly. Every time I go into HL I think 50% off of a – have you lost your mind- price is still a have you lost your mind price. Especially for poorly made, cheap materials items. Many of us have tried to keep purchasing in our local brick and mortar stores, but that is just becoming more and more impossible😞

@DisMindy5767 says:

Joann's is practically all we have left for sewing supplies and fabrics. I don't want to buy fabric online. I need to feel it. I need to assess its texture, weight and drape. G Street fabrics was a small business with only a handful of shops but they carried everything including men's suit fabrics. They also had classes but they're gone now. Hancock fabrics is gone and the wonderful Cloth World is also gone. Prices on fabrics are so high that you can no longer save money by sewing your own. I end up sewing only when I can't find what I want. Its really sad. I'm 60 and have been sewing for 52 years!

@annedilworth597 says:

Joann’s lost my business due to increased prices well beyond the quality of products. I tried online purchasing with misfiled items or broken on arrival. I hope they can right the ship but I don’t know….

@VintageLPs says:

I love to shop at Jo-Ann’s but I rarely go because I have enough sewing and knitting supplies to last me three lifetimes. I could easily get enticed to purchase yarn IF they didn’t have the same exact colors year after year. They need to switch to other brands if companies like Sugar ‘N Cream never, ever come out with new colors (which they don’t)! As far as quilt fabrics go, they do not sell best quality 100% cotton but their price for a yard practically matches first quality 100% cotton sold in quilt shops. At $14.00 a yard, I may buy a yard for an apron but I sure couldn’t afford the number of yards needed for the front and back of a quilt. We have a nice JoAnn’s and yes, there seems to be a man running the store now but he greets customers and always asks if he can help. I just wonder if young people in the workforce even make their own clothing. I sewed so many skirts, blouses and dresses for work that I could go 45 business days and never wear the same outfit twice but who wears a skirt or dress to work these days? I hope we don’t lose JoAnn’s. Hobby Lobby has a good selection of cottons and cotton blends but I never see a clerk in that dept. nor do I see any customers even browsing. They (HL) also really ruined their yarn department by removing any brands that were not their own. Heartbreaking so I almost exclusively buy yarn online for a specific pattern now.

@bluecube7247 says:


@seekingjoynow1722 says:

The store near me did a big renovation just before Covid. I wondered how they were doing. I shop there once in a while. So many.
businesses are going under. It feels like losing an old friend when a long time store or restaurant closes.

@janetkirshner7488 says:

The Joann’s near me used to have sewing, knitting and crochet ing classes.They were great.Not any more.I miss them.

@SanityIsland says:

I buy my major supplies at basement sales, and thrift markets. I can't afford retail for the most part. But if someone is up for the adventure, it can be an option for the times we live in.

@jenaton5767 says:

Nooooooooooooo…..the only place u can buy any sewing notions

@susieqmcf says:

In my opinion, Joann sells poor quality fabric. They sell the same notions you can buy elsewhere. Here in Scranton PA there is literally no other fabric store. I can drive 45 minutes to a couple of independent rural fabric stores. This wastes most of a whole day so I end up ordering online instead. I hope Joann goes out of business, gets out of the way, and allows smaller independent fabric stores to return.

@lissyperez4299 says:

I stopped shopping there when I saw almost an isle full of books on witchcraft ! Never again.

@pamelacrooker9274 says:

I don’t want to see them go. I shop at Joann’s but I will start buying more of my fabric there, instead of on line. I like having them around especially for notions and rulers but only a small percentage of my fabric is bought there though.

@tammyjones6358 says:

I don't buy in a physical Joann's store because they shut down the one close buy and I don't drive the distance very often to where the other one is at. I have bought from Joann's online, but delivery is very long and sometimes you get an email saying your order cannot be fulfilled because product is not available.

@kc8ueu says:

JoAnn's has been a mess for a long time. In the 90's, the store closest to me was convenient and had plenty of parking, but was always a huge mess and had the most awful group of employees I ever encountered. They were simply STUPID. Most knew nothing about sewing, they would try to sell you stuff you didn't need, and were NOT courteous or polite. The prices were ridiculously high also. I finally stopped shopping there and didn't go back in the store for years. Still don't go in there much, out of habit. I hadn't known about their corporate financial situation, but somehow I'm not too surprised…I hope there's a solution that benefits everybody, but I seriously doubt it.

@lindatonkin3802 says:

I love Joann's and wish they had more fabric and not so much flannel. They used to have a lot of beautiful fabric to choose from. I hope they don't go out of business.

@kathyaschenbach8081 says:

At my Joann's sorry to say the customer service is awful. So I find it frustrating. Sadly they have the best fabric. However the thing is they charge so much that you can buy it far cheaper in line. They have sales on certain days certain items. But certain days are other items.Whonon earth is going to keep going to get the one item and then go another day for something else. Then they give out a coupon for 50 percent off a regular priced item . When you take the item to the counter they inform you that item is in sale they just didn't mark it. Very frustrating. We have gotten our Hobby Lobby back and soon we will be getting our Michaels back as well. I love Joann's fabric but it is high priced. Notions for sewing are often priced way above. Does it surprise me they are having financial difficulty absolutely not.

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