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I’m really not liking the July P&G Insert this month. First coupons are not included, then you tell us to go to a website where we can’t even get them to print……and now you want to change the limit of 4???? What’s next! How do you guys feel about this….comment below and share your thoughts!

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Pam Hocker says:

Yesterday, I bought the local paper and Tide/Gain and Pantene coupons were there. This is a first time in a long time we received these coupons. I'm from KY.

Ashlyn Thompson says:

Question: they all say limit one coupon per purchase. Limit 2 per household. So it is really just one per transaction?! If so I need to rethink my p&g deal hunting

Traveler Family says:

We didn't even get Pantene coupons in my area it said just like the tide to print online 😢

Robin Perdue says:

UGG and the couple that I printed from PGeveryday say Limit of ONE. SOOOOOO frustrating. The only good place to do some of the deals will be cvs because you don't have to buy everything in one transaction to complete the requirement for the ECB. Or Like Unilever if a Target deal is buy 4 use 2 X.XX off 2 coupons.

Per William's says:

we need stop buying their stuff

Marissa Alamo says:

What will they do next

Heidi Talley says:

That's not good that there only putting a limit of 2 instead of 4 😔

Rosa Marie says:

I live in Lancaster, Texas. I got everything but the Tide Q's

Ana v says:

Thumbs up!! TFS

Gayleen Lee says:

I like that CVS track your purchase for the week.

Vanessa Hernandez says:

I'm getting 2 lol

Mistie Just Living The Dream says:

I heard about this on running kimonos YouTube. It sucks. I already hate that some of them expire in two weeks.

The Home Plate Special says:

I saw what you r talking about, crazy P&G!

Sarah leech says:

they keep using the coupon fraud for an excuse. they should make changes cause of that when peoples Stop buying there items and not making money they will wake up then.

C Shippey says:

It"s all a game, and I intend to keep saving.


WHOA they put the limit in red so you cant miss it

SuperGirl1970 Carver says:

In chicago we got the tide coupon in the tribune but not the Suntimes.

TnCouponer says:

at least you got the pantene and head & shoulder coupons.. we coupons will figure this out somehow.. hope you and your family have a safe and happy 4th of July weekend..

ActivistGranny says:

I skip P&G since they started messing with the inserts. I foresaw this and stocked up the beginning of the year with Tide, Gain, All, and Arm & Hammer. Just kill it when you can.

Lala Land says:

Maybe because people are greedy they wanna pic up 20 of the same item

Samara S says:

The online pgsaver is worse…1 per day 🙁

sj burgess says:

forget that. I don't care if it's "fraud" ( it's not because I'm not passing fake coupons) I'm using as many p&g coupons I can in one transaction. I'm sick of their arbitrary and stupid rules limiting my purchases. it literally makes NO SENSE to take coupons out and have such stupid limits. I'm done screwing with them. if the cashier takes them and the register takes them, i am using them.

DaRealistQueenJ Hernandez says:

Thank you for sharing this video!

missdrd23 says:

At least the tampon coupons have gotten better. Ha! I'm ok with it. Right on time.

Yolanda Sanders says:

I know right let's go on strike

Brittany K says:

I am not going to buy the insert this weekend. I'm sure I still don't get the Tide coupon and I am stocked up on other products so there isn't a need right now. I'll wait and see what they come out with next month.
I think we can still get good deals. Maybe Walgreens will release some awesome digitals, like the Olay $1 body wash deal 🙂

Sebastian Espinoza says:

so what happens when the limit is 2??

B Cole says:

What the heck!! P&G is so ridiculous now 😡 not cool

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